Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Your baby has a bottom. A very busy bottom. And you, as a mama ecochick, want to ensure you’re using the best possible products on that bottom. This is when you should try out Earth Mama Angel Baby. In their attractive jars you will find amazing, all-natural concoctions including their Angel Baby Bottom Balm.

Open the jar and you will discover the fresh, bright scent of tea tree oil and lavender. This smooth salve is slightly slick – it isn’t thick or waxy, so it goes on extremely well. It has great staying power once it’s applied, and the scent is very light and pleasant tucked under your tiny chick’s diaper.

This stuff is so amazing, it also doubles as a first aid balm for minor cuts and scrapes even after baby doesn’t need it anymore. And of course, its products are all natural, organic and even vegan. Now that’s something to flap about.

You can get Earth Mama Angel Baby products through their website, or through lilou organics in Canada.

Three Thieves Wines

ecochick overindulged a bit yesterday. Hey, it’s Thanksgiving. But still, even when revelling in turkey and wine, ecochick’s thinking of the next fabulous ecofriendly thing to tell you.

So when this wine showed up on the dinner table, it was delightfully accepted as both a delicious wine and an environmentally friendly option. Three Thieves creates Bandit wine in several varieties, which tastes all the better when you see that it comes packaged in an environmentally friendly tetra pack. Even more delightful, you can get single serving packs rather like adult juice boxes – so no more opening a bottle when all you want is a glass! Bandit wines include a lovely cabernet sauvignon, a crisp pinot grigio and a delicious merlot.

Bandit wines are available online and through the LCBO if you’re in Ontario. Drink up!


It’s almost the weekend, and like you, ecochick’s looking forward to a nice bottle of red and chatter with the girls. And what better wine than those from Frogpond, the only certified Organic winery in Ontario? Frogpond Farm uses no insecticides, herbicides, synthetic fungicides or chemical fertilizers. All grapes are hand-picked and crafted into lively genuine wines using only gentle traditional winemaking techniques. So all you get is the lovely taste of the grape, grown in harmony with the land and the frog pond. Nice!

Frogpond farm wines are available from the winery, as well as many restaurants across Ontario.


While organic cosmetic and body care companies are starting to pop up all over the place, relatively few of them are based in Canada. One of the few, and the proud, is Quebec-based Druide. Druide makes a wide range of certified organic products, including shampoos, body washes, face and body care, and more. Druide also has several sub-lines of products under their umbrella: Pur & Pure, an extremely mild line for those with exceptionally delicate skin; Baby Absolute Purity line, for the soft tender skin of your kidlet; and Karite Extreme Protection, made with shea butter for exceptional protection.

Druide says they offer the largest certified organic body care line in the world – as assesed by EcoCert. Druide uses no coloring agents, no chemical preservatives, no perfumes, nor any petroleum derived ingredients; everything down to their packaging is easier on the environment. Soak enviro-guilt free in the organic suds!

Druide products are available via their , as well as at lilou organics.

Care by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is best known for her fashion line, although having a Beatle for a father first launched her name into the limelight. Her environmental consciousness and lifelong vegetarianism – and her spunk, take no prisoners attitude – has made Stella a very effective crusader for animal rights and the environment.

Care by Stella McCartney at ecochickIt’s no surprise, then, that Stella has created a line of 100% organic skin care products. The Care line is formulated from all natural, organic ingredients, is not tested on animals, contains no petrochemicals or chemical preservatives and puts care for the environment as a #1 priority.

The products range from cleansers and moisturizers to elixirs, each formulated to provide maximum nurturing for your skin type as well as cause no harm to the planet.

As an added bonus, the website features a crawl of excellent green living tips. Did you know it takes 95% less energy to recycle an aluminum can than it takes to create a new one?

Care products are available at Holt Renfrew stores nationwide.


Who says environmentally friendly has to be frumpy? Not ecochick.

Take NaMoDa.

NaMoDa at ecochickNaMoDa creates sleek, eclectic, and slinky fashions that would work equally as well in the office as a nightclub. All NaMoDa clothes are created by their designer Monika Sosinski, a self described “eco-geek-chic” dresser. Fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, tencel and other ecofibers combine to create fashion “that inspires people to forge together artistic and personal expression, organic technology, deep-rooted classics and modern individuality.”

NaMoDa is available through their stores as well as selected retailers across Canada.

omop by method

Ecochick has always liked the concept of the Swiffer. Wiping the feathers off the floor is far easier, one thinks, than brushing them with the broom. However, she’s also always felt that it was rather environmentally hostile to continually pitch these dry sweeper electrostatic cloths into the landfill… and she’s also pretty nervous about how, or with what, they could possibly be made. You can bet if it was made of something good, they’d tell you.

So you can imagine ecochick’s delight when she found the omop by Method. The starter kit contains a great reusable wet/dry mop, and the following reasons to chirp:

the omop is most definitely an advancement in home cleaning.

method products are available at Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada.


Everyone loves the gift of flowers. The standby of tardy husbands and sweet valentines everywhere, flowers lift the mood of any occasion with their glorious colours and scents. As with most things these days, though, if you start to think of where the flowers came from, what pesticides or chemicals might have been used in their growth, what emissions might have come from flying them from their original home… they start to smell a whole lot less sweet.

If you’re in Toronto, though, you can take advantage of EcoFlora. EcoFlora makes a point of using organically grown flowers from local growers as much as possible, and when it’s not, they source their flowers and equipment from fair trade and organic suppliers. As a result, your bouquets will be beautiful displays of local greenery, which oddly has become very unique. Nice!

Check out Ecoflora at


sukicolor at ecochickSomeone said “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The internet says it was Plato. The makeup gods say it was Suki Kramer. Tired of products that always irritated her sensitive skin and her allergies, Suki quite literally took matters in to her own hands and came up with the suki line of fresh finish mineral cream makeup products and pure skin care products.

Made from organic, vegetarian, cruelty-free natural ingredients, these products are good for your skin and for your environment. Suki’s products are also unique in that they are multitaskers: The triple cream eye definer can be used as a shadow, liner or brow definer; the pure cream stain is used for lip or cheek. Even better, the shades of each can be mixed and matched and blended to come up with your own signature colour.

Ah, all that organic good-for-you stuff is fine and good, but how well do they work? Asks you. Most awesomely, says ecochick. The pure cream stain as a lip colour goes on with a smooth, rich glide (use a lipstick brush to apply). The colour varies in intensity the more you put on: use a little bit for a hint of colour, a lot for full-on look-out lady lips. The product is very matte and as a result long-lasting; our team had it on for hours with no need to reapply. If you like a look with more shine, you’ll need to add a lip gloss on top. Either way, lips feel smooth, soft, and look sweet!

The Triple Cream Eye definer works similarly in that if you want intense colour, just put more product on! Since it’s a cream, it feels different if you’re used to a powder – it goes on exceptionally smoothly and spreads beautifully, but it isn’t dry instantly. So the eyelids may feel a little clammy temporarily – blending very well helps this. But it’s worth it – this cream has kick ass staying power.

The sukicolor line also includes tinted active moisturizer – the equivalent to foundation, liquid formula concealer, and rich pigment mascara.

Suki products are available via lilou organics online and various retailers across Canada.

On & On écolo chic

The manufacture of clothing is one of the most environmentally taxing on the planet, between growing cotton fibres, manufacturing polyester from petroleum, harvesting and weaving silk.. the list goes on. While organically grown cotton is definitely better for the environment, and alternative fibres such as hemp and bamboo kick polyester’s ass, the most environmentally friendly alternative is to not consume. It’s easy, just don’t buy anything from virgin fibers… meaning, anything brand new from a store. But.. what’s a fashion conscious chick to do?

On & On at EcoChickEnter On & On. This unique designer takes homeless clothing and redesigns them in to new, fun and fabulous fashions – with nary an environmental blip! They even provide a service for people to bring in their own clothing and get new re-jazzified duds back. Each piece is utterly unique, one of a kind new-vintage chic. Styles range from girly frills to all-business attire, from bohemian draped scarf-skirts to fit-like-a-glove skirts.

The On & On Boutique is located in Montreal, and their clothes are available at several shops across Canada – and even in France! Check their website for details.

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