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ecochick is a consumer who’s tired of “environmentally friendly” really meaning “expensive, inconvenient and ugly”. It’s time to make living green mainstream, fun, fresh and cool. Here you will find the latest in trendy, stylish fashion, beauty, home and more – all with the lovely aura of green.

ecochick is 100% Canadian. All products highlighted on this site are either Canadian made, provided by Canadian businesses, or are shippable to/available in Canada.

ecochick believes in a few simple things . These beliefs are behind everything ecochick posts.

ecochick is based in Toronto, Canada.

ecochick does accept product samples for review or better yet, to give away to her readers. email me to find out more at talk at ecochick dot ca.

Be aware that ecochick only writes about stuff she likes (generally). This is a positive, happy place, so as a rule, you will usually not find negative reviews. This means I do not write about everything I may hear about or receive. Or I might just be busy. Don’t take it personally.

ecochick does not accept payment for reviews, nor do I accept product or service in exchange for providing good reviews. I like to keep my reputation for honesty intact.

ecochick will participate in specifically selected paid campaigns that meet her ethical guidelines. This can include initiatives dedicated to environmental causes, environmentally friendly products or services, or other initiatives.

You can talk to ecochick by sending an email to talk at ecochick dot ca.

ecochick is written by Shannon McKarney. All content is created solely by her and is protected by a Creative Commons License.

If you have any inquiries about advertising or doing other work on ecochick, please drop me a line.

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