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  1. Luke Barber
    May 9, 2014 at 2:32 pm (9 months ago)

    My name is Luke Barber, and I am a toy designer ( who has designed a series of toys which will be made out of recycled and sustainable materials, as well as reused agricultural and industrial byproducts such as sawdust, rice hulls, and wheat straw. In order to get funding for my product I have launched a Kickstarter project, and would greatly appreciate it if you could post a link to this project on your website. The URL for my Kickstarter project is: .

  2. Marlon
    May 13, 2014 at 2:52 pm (9 months ago)


    My name is Marlon I head up partner outreach here at uSell, a marketplace where people can sell or recycle their used electronic devices. Our company was built on the notion that e-waste is becoming a huge problem in today’s society, especially overseas where it causes serious health and pollution problems.

    I’m interested in partnering up with you on either a content piece or a CPA so that we can raise awareness on the matter. Jennifer, our in-house editor has many bits on greener living on our blog:

    Please reach out and let me know if you would like to discuss further.


  3. Chris Harvey
    August 25, 2014 at 5:52 pm (5 months ago)

    My company is embarking on a campaign to save children’s lives around the world and to clean up the world and improve the health of every person on Earth with our 100% organic (revolutionary) line of cleaners for homes and businesses. More than 800 children in America alone die from poisoning EVERY YEAR. Let’s stop that NOW! Please check out our Indiegogo campaign below, which will begin on Wednesday or Thursday. Your donation of just $25 or more will get you some of our truly incredible cleaners — and join you to our mission for saving one child’s life, hundreds of lives, waterways, and much much more over the coming years! We’ll contact you again when the campaign begins! Thank you!

  4. richard hamilton nattress
    December 28, 2014 at 9:42 am (4 weeks ago)

    societal-shifting methodologies and new world order applications

    Hi Shannon, hope this communication finds you and yours healthy and hopeful.

    I also hoped you might find the following interesting.

    My name is Richard Hamilton Nattress, humanity evaluation analyst and societal transition guide. Know me or not, this call-out is addressed to every person of every kind of people and persuasion on earth. A universal beckoning to empower life-embracing transitions that re-link humanity with the source of life through rehabilitation processes that also re-connect us with each other. Since as of now and because of the way we function as a species; if source of existence were to save inter-evolving life; it would be saved from humanity, not for us.

    Admittedly…what this is about may seem alien to many… however… in actual reality, not virtual; human form does not lord over all creatures and environs in universal creation. No humanly conceived tradition, faith, belief, culture, category, kind or patriotism has any overriding authority… In life’s universal reality, if individuals or species fail to exhibit humble reverence for the entire span of inter-evolving symbiotic biology, they do not achieve ongoing existence.

    Each unique form of awareness is offered opportunity to establish ongoing synchrony. Life’s source seeks and saves those that do.

    We humans either choose to exist in universally beneficial harmony with source of existence and gain our living in parallel with all evolving creatures and in synchronization with all environs or we don’t… As said… life’s source or “god” if you prefer, seeks and saves those that do.

    At the end of each physical life lived, the only value one owns and has to offer in exchange for ongoing awareness of existence is the way one actually lives.

    Throughout the unfolding span of creation, every species is assessed by source of life, prior to species’ acceptance into a universal body; the “human” being is not exempt.

    At each evaluation’s conclusion mutually beneficial inter-relationship is the only legitimate tender a prospective form of awareness owns and offers in return for ongoing existence.
    Each receives based on what was knowingly brought about by their presence.

    So now what? If virtually all of us re-engage ourselves and consequently our species, by universally acknowledging our bodies failure to accept and obey the source and nature of symbiotic life; and collectively migrate toward mutually beneficial inter-relationship; universal rehabilitation could spread rapidly and permit humanity to regain and sustain ecologically attuned, individually satisfying, collectively compatible co-existence. However our individual and collective opportunity to choose by free will is being made clear, for the last time.

    Please review a folder called nurture net at this link:
    The folder outlines nurture net in seven PDF parts, several pages each. Also three one page files, Hourglass, Program and Living 101 are provided as food for thought and lastly an mp3 audio talk about why such endeavor is critical to human survival.

    Nothing fancy, just casting seeds, thank you, Richard


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