Organic wines in Canada

It’s kind of one of those days. One of those “two bottle” kind of days, you know?

But you aren’t sure what kind of bottle to open. You’d like to be ecofriendly. And you’d like a Canadian wine, because it then has less carbon footprint than a wine flown in from sunny Italy or Australia.

Well, it’s good fortune for you that I just came across this excellent list of organic wineries in Canada.  The page has a thorough description of the terminology – such as the difference between an “organic” wine and a wine made with “organic grapes”.  Favourites such as Frogpond Farm and Summerhill Farms are on the list, but if you scan it perhaps you will find a new favourite. Enjoy!

Little Eco Footprints

Look at this gorgeous blog.  I was surfing, looking for some neat new ecofriendly product ideas, and up popped Little eco footprints in to my browser. Oh, happy day!  This blog has absolutely made my morning.  I’ve just spent the better part of an hour reading through her wonderful posts and gorgeous photographs. Writing about trying to leave the littlest eco-footprints possible from her home in Newcastle, Australia, Tricia and her family are a true inspiration for those who are aspiring to an eco-friendly – and fun- lifestyle.  I particularly love the Made from Recycled Materials section.  Look at the fabulous ideas on here, on a big scale and small – pallet upcycling, making anything from beds to sheds, and making toys out of old felted sweaters and fleeces. What great ideas she has! I’m adding her to the blogs in the sidebar. Head on over and see this gorgeous blog for yourself.  Which of her wonderful ideas do you like best?

VerveCards – Snazzy, easy and paper-free!

Congratulations to Kim who  said…
“I’m a little partial to the Halloween one “In Costume, Anything Goes”. Hee!” You’ve got the VerveCards membership!

We all know there’s a thousand and ten e-card sites out there. So what makes VerveCards noteworthy? Very simply, it’s the delivery. To send a VerveCard, you simply log on to your portal and select from the long, long list of card designs – birthday, anniversary, loads of holidays, even Earth Day! The cards are uniquely designed with bright colours, great sentiments and funky shapes. But the best part: VerveCards doesn’t just send you a link to someone’s website. The card gets delivered – paper-free – straight to your friend’s/mother’s/husband’s/whoever’s inbox, so they can see the card and message from you right then and there. Simple and brilliant.

You can send your cards immediately or schedule for later (get everyone’s birthday done at once!) and send cards to multiple recipients. And at $14.95 for a 1 year membership, it’s the cost of buying and mailing about two snail mail cards – how cost effective!

Think you could put VerveCards to good use? I have a one-year membership to give away to a lucky reader. Just head on over to the website and tell me what your favourite card is in the comments. Make sure you leave me a way to contact you, and comment by Thursday, April 29.  I’ll notify the randomly selected giveaway recipient directly. Good luck!

Happy Earth Day – specials galore!

Happy Earth Day, ecochicks! Check out Earth to check out what’s happening across Canada and in your area. There’s also plenty of folks doing fun stuff in stores and on the web for today, so here’s a list of what I’ve found (will update throughout the day when I find new things, so keep checking back):

Aveeno is giving away one of their limited edition Aveeno Envirosax. Unfortunately it’s USA only, boo, sorry Canucks!

Origins Online will plant a tree on your behalf with a purchase of their A Perfect World moisturizer. They’re also selling Limited Edition Reusable Totes and giving away 4 free samples with any order. is offering a 15% discount on all the gorgeous, funky, ecofriendly items in their shop, today only.

Loblaws stores are giving away free green bins with a minimum $60 purchase til the end of April.

Huggies is giving away a sample of their New Pure and Natural Diapers.

The Daily Green has posted a list of 11 Earth Day Discounts.

More to come – and of course, today’s Earth Week Giveaway is up too!

Air Miles My Planet: A new way of going green

Do you have an AirMiles card? Me too! And so does 70% of Canadian Households. And now, AirMiles is using their considerable clout with Canadians to help tout greener living, in their program called MyPlanet.

Now you can use your Air Miles to get great My Planet rewards, rewards have been identified, reviewed and assessed as products and services that contribute to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. And it’s stuff you’ll use: Transit Passes. A credit towards a new Bullfrog Power account. Born Free BPA-free Baby Bottles. And plenty more. Or, if you’d rather support programs rather than products, you can donate your airmiles to the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

They also have a great section to learn about making more environmentally conscious choices, and a great section on how AirMiles Vendors are helping save the planet. Check it out – and don’t forget to take your AirMiles card with you next time you shop!

Eco Fashion World: Eco Eye Candy

Now this is a slick website. Much like ecochick, Eco Fashion World’s purpose is to present eco-friendly alternatives to the world at large. Founded and written by ecofashionistas on three continents (but based in Canada!), Eco Fashion World brings you the new, the hip, the trendy and the green. On the lookout for eco evening wear? Or perhaps an eco bathing suit or handbag? Find them all here.

With a guide to brands, online stores, an Eco-Fashion Finder and an ability to browse by eco-criteria – so if, say, vegan products are your bag, you can search exclusively on that. Nice!

There’s a monthly newsletter and daily postings, so check back often for the latest and the greatest. And a great big eco welcome to Eco Fashion World!

EcoWeb June 17

Don’t worry, ecochicks: I have read the internet so you don’t have to.

You a geek who wants to be green? Gizmodo showed us this new Monitor from LG that uses about 45% less energy than traditional models. Now you can feel a whole lot less Green Guilt about your WOW addiction.

Looking for a new source for green news? The Huffington Post, the US political commentary site named the World’s Most Powerful Blog by the Guardian, recently launched a new channel: Huffington Post Green, with news, blogs, and commentary about all the latest green news. This one will have some clout!

Sustainablog brings us news about Power of Green Consumers working together through Earth Aid Group Buys: Groups of consumers combining their purchasing power to buy in bulk and get better prices on green goods. Take the power into your own hands! They also posted a great article on Low Impact Living: 10 ways to cut energy consumption. What changes can you make?

Inhabitat featured several cool stories, including these awesomely funky Lamps made with recycled bottles, cool Solar Curtains that shade your home from the sun while absorbing energy, and an uber-useful Crank USB Battery that you could use right away to generate power, and that you will need to surf the web in case of the apocalypse.

At Treehugger, they featured this cool Lettuce Billboard, the Whippy Light (hide your CFL bulbs no more!) and these recycled plastic cutlery cases to curb your need for take-out cutlery with your pad thai.

There was also one piece of ironically good news: the high price of petroleum means that the Cost of Petro Plastic is Skyrocketing, forcing companies who rely on petro-plastics to find alternatives – natural rubber vs. synthetic rubber, reducing plastic packaging, and looking to increased use of recycled materials. While the price of petroleum is hard on the wallet, it’s forcing industry to make changes that make things easier on the planet – which in the end, is good for everyone.

Oh, muffin – is all this gloom and doom getting you down? Don’t worry: the Budget Ecoist has a great list of 5 Great Organic Wines for Summer to help you through.

Got any ideas for ecoweb? Send ‘em to me at talk at ecochick dot ca!

Hot on the heels of my post about Green Work Canada comes a post about their partner site, WorkCabin – a green job listing site. At WorkCabin, you can create a profile, search for green job listings (both paid and volunteer spots), post a new green job, review the job seekers who’ve posted their public details, and more.
There are jobs available all across Canada and some in the US; there are also several work from home opportunities.

WorkCabin is genuinely green: they are run on Bullfrog Power and specifically target green jobs to green job seekers, aiming to service those for whom eco-friendliness is a priority in finding an employee or a career. They’re also a certified member of 1% for the Planet, a growing movement of companies that donates 1% of their sales to environmental organizations.

WorkCabin is an excellent resource for those looking for a new job in the environmental sector, or even just with an environmental slant – check it out, job seekers!

Green Work Canada

Looking for some more eco-reading material to green up your feed reader? Then check out the excellent Green Work Canada, an excellent new Canadian Green newswire service. They specialize in Canadian corporate/organization news releases and resources, green work advice, job leads, and more. They post relevant eco-news whenever it’s available, such as information on the 9th Annual Smog Summit in Toronto or Hydro Ottawa being recognized for their energy conservation efforts. They have a listing of the latest green jobs posted on WorkCabin, an awesome blogroll where they obviously choose the highest quality Canadian environmental blogs (cough, cough). It’s an excellent resource and one that’s worth checking frequently – head on over and subscribe today.


There’s lots of environmental news out there. In a new feature on ecochick, I’m going to be bringing you some of my favourites of the week to let you know what else is going on in the world of green living.

Green Daily has posted a useful guide to Green Spotting: A Field Guide to Environmental Types. “…In the 21st century, green has gone mainstream. The weather is getting weirder, the kids are pissed about inheriting a steaming ball of toxic sludge from their parents, and the ex-hippies are retiring from corporate life and rediscovering their treehugging roots. Yep, nowadays, there are all kinds of ways of being eco-friendly without ever strapping on a pair of sandals. Below, a few of the more common species of modern greenie. Read more…

The Budget Ecoist knows that even when we think we’re not using lots of paper, we are. Receipts! Receipts for purchases, for bills, for taxes.. ai yi yi. But they come to our rescue with a guide on how to Organize your receipts greenily. “You can recycle your receipts along with the mixed paper recyclers either at home or the office. But what about my taxes? My files? My obsessive little piles I keep in the corner to comfort myself that “I purchase, therefore I AM!!!!” OK, well, let’s talk about bookkeeping, taxes and the like. The obsessive little piles…well, just stay strong. Read more after the link.

Inhabitat and several other websites had the news about Apple filing a solar patent. This is exceptionally cool news: Apple just filed a patent to infuse their hand-helds and computers with a thin film of solar cells, paving the way for a new generation of gadgets with battery life boosted by the sun. The patent approaches the prospect from every angle, with schematics to stack photovoltaic cells beneath the entire surface of their portables – including the screen! Not only is this ecofriendly, it would also be an excellent way to extend the sometimes unsatisfying standby battery life on Apple gadgets.

Sustainablog has your back in the event of unemployment, food shortage or just plain adventurousness, with this handy Field guide to dumpster diving. For as long as our unsustainable society insists on wasting edible food, there will be people, mindful of this tragedy, to remediate it. They are known as “dumpster divers.” Dumpster diving is a sustainable act — again, as long as our society insists on being too wasteful for sustainability. The food is there, and it is headed for a landfill. What is the logical thing to do?. Read more!

Alexis Madrigal, Science and Green Tech writer at Wired Magazine, did a very cool presentation at the 2008 Webvisions Conference. His slides on How the Internet is redefining environmentalism are posted, talking about environmental challenges and how the internet is changing the ways in which we can change the world.

And finally, the gang at EcoGeek were delighted to discover that close to nine in 10 women (88 percent) say they’d rather chat up someone with the latest fuel-efficient car versus the latest sports car. Read more in Apparently Eco-Geeks get all the girls!

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