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Cities are funny places. We need buildings and roads, concrete and density, but crave green spaces. And once that green space is gone, it’s pretty hard to get it back. But imagine if there was a way to transform a concrete corner in to a pop-up park? There’s pop-up stores, so why not pop-up green spaces to remind us all of the importance of nature not only to our communities, but to our souls?


Island Lake Orangeville

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I grew up rural. Country. Farmland and woods. You could see our closest neighbour’s house, but it would take you 10 minutes to walk there. I spent my youth prowling through woods, building fantasy castles on ponds with moss and leaves and stones. I could escape into the farmer’s fields surrounding our house for hours on end, or walk through the forest building stick forts to hide in. And I still miss it today. I still love forest walks, seeing dappled sunlight on a clearing or smelling the rich peppery ferns in a grove.  I still know which plants make the best ceilings for houses (Queen Anne’s Lace flowers in an igloo shape = totally magical) and which berries are safe and not so safe to gorge on. (more…)

Riverdale Farm

ecochick Expeditions: Riverdale Farm

We’ve spent the last six months doing our best not to go outside whatsoever unless absolutely necessary. But now that the nice weather is here, we can’t wait to get outside and explore. It’s such a wonderful way to spend time as a family, away from work and devices and distractions. Plus, it teaches our city slicker kid how important it is to connect with nature. Since we’re new to this city, we have a lot of super fun and interesting places to check out. Last weekend our explorations took us to Riverdale Farm in Toronto. What a gem! (more…)

Lavender and Bee

Farm Crawl Hamilton 2014

Have you ever wondered how organic farms work, or the pace of life outside the hustle and bustle of the city? On May 24, you’ll be able to find out if you take a little road trip through the greater GTA countryside and participate in the Farm Crawl Hamilton. (Aside: In my young and single days, pub crawls were one of my favourite ways to lose a weekend. But now, old and happily encumbered with family, this Farm Crawl sounds like a way better time – and no hangover to boot.) (more…)

Kaia Bamboo facial cleansing cloths: Ecofriendly travel cleaning

In a neverending quest to eco-friendlify the daily routines, I’ve made lots of small changes. Instead of using cotton balls to remove eye makeup, for example, I’ll just put some eye makeup remover on a facecloth. Easy peasy. But what happens in a hotel or on the road, when you don’t want to leave black eye makeup stains on someone else’s facecloths?

These bamboo facial cleansing cloths from kaia solve that problem elegantly. These neat little gems are made with 100% bamboo and come in a packet of 30 unbleached, pre-moistened cloths, soaked with goodness like 8 pure citrus essential oils, Canadian organic honey, sunflower seed oil and oat amino acids. And they work like a charm, whisking away the toughest eye makeup and leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards. If you check out their website, you can learn more about Kaia’s philosophy and ingredients too… nice to read an ingredient list that explains exactly what’s in a product and why, for a change.

Check these links to find where to buy online or in store.

Marmot EcoPro Sleeping Bags – Camp with Conscience!

Summer’s here! And when you head out to the backcountry for a weekend, eco-warrior, keep your green cred going by making sure your supplies are as eco-friendly as possible. If you’re in the market for a sleeping bag, Marmot has a new line of EcoPro sleeping bags, with fill made from 80% post-consumer recycled content – pop bottles, water bottles, you get the picture. In a range of colours, these sleeping bags are made in a range of sizes and warmths that will take you from early spring to late fall. Easy to pack and carry, they’ve also got lots of fancy features if you’re interested in things like Snagless Draft Tubes or Hang Loops.

Marmot products are available at retailers across Canada.

Osprey ReSource Series – cool recycled backpacks

Interested in outdoor pursuits, but your backpack has bitten the dust? Check out the ReSource Series of backpacks from Osprey. These durable, lightweight packs are made from ground up water and pop bottles. Check out the breakdown:
- 100% recycled PET fabric
- 70% total recycled materials by content
- 100% Recycled mesh pockets
- 60% recycled content spacer mesh
- 55% recycled stretch woven pockets
- 100% recycled binding tape
- 100% recycled webbing
- Recycled buckles – reground from buckle scrap
- 100% recycled fabric zipper pulls

(Non recycled foams, threads, zippers, piping and hypalon)

They’re also totally cute – in six different styles and a range of colours to suit everyone’s taste. Osprey packs are available at retailers across Canada.

MEC Travel Pillows

Going camping, backpacking, or just on a long plane ride, and want something a little more luxurious than your arm to use as a pillow?

Mountain Equipment Co-op creates a pillow for just this purpose – the “Go” pillow. Light and fluffy, the Go pillow is down filled and rolls up tight into its own little carry case when you’re not using it. When you need it, pull it out and ta-daaah – instant luxury.

But wait – how is this ecochick-worthy? Well, when MEC creates the Go pillow, they’re using leftover fabric and fill from their sleeping bag creation process. These are products that may otherwise be sent to the landfill. So MEC decided to make a point of using every little piece possible. The result is that the pillows in the store are a bit unpredictable – are they grey? Are they red? Are they yellow? Who knows! They’ll be whatever was being made that day in the factory, and that’s OK. The pillow is still just as soft, and being used far better under your head than in a landfill.

You can buy MEC products online or at any of their stores across Canada.

Ecochick Believes

… that people have an environmental conscience.

… that people want to do the right thing.

… that people want to spend their money wisely.

… that consumers are discerning and want high quality products.

… that we should hold the products we use every day to a higher standard.

… that we need to ask every day whether products we use are healthy and sustainable for us and for our environment.

… that quality does not only encompass the consumer use of the product, it also extends to the manufacture and disposal of the product and all of its components.

… that organic, natural, healthy choices should not be branded as “alternative”.

… that smart consumers want both style and substance.

… that consumers, given the choice, will choose the product that is better for them and for their environment.

… that if we demand that manufacturers give us healthier, sustainable, high quality products, they will deliver.

… that we can have it all.