Style at Home: The RE-issue

ecochick has long had a magazine fetish. Their shiny covers, showing me bright pictures of the life I could possibly live if I only bought their rag! In trying to live a lower impact life, this is one of the eco-hostile habits I am particularly struggling to break. One of the reasons that I’ve been able to wean off of home decorating mags in particular is because they encourage rampant consumerism of virgin materials, which frustrates me to no end. Most magazines treat “green” products as a fad, a trend, a niche that they pay lip service to while they flog the stuff they “really” focus on. Which drives me insane, and which is why I don’t get these magazines anymore.

So that’s why this month’s issue of Style At Home deserves kudos. The July “Re”Issue has a huge section on using what you already have to redecorate, how to rejuvenate existing rooms or items to give them new life, and looking into flea markets or antique stores or other places to find new-to-you and interesting pieces that you can incorporate into your home. This is the kind of decorating that we’re really looking for – fun, creative ways to be truly unique as well as environmentally friendly.

Magazines still aren’t the eco-happy option due to the fact that most of them are printed on virgin paper, etc. etc., so see if you can find a copy from a friend. Or, if you pick it up yourself, pass it on or recycle it when you’re through. Happy decorating!