Lily ecolo

Every time I find a shop like LilyEcolo I weep a little bit with joy. And then I check my credit card balance to see if I can afford whatever it is I’ve found.

LilyEcolo is a small Quebec business where she creates beautiful, trendy, sturdy reusable bags in various sizes for all your daily needs. The uber-practical shown here is big enough for a great grocery shop, while the nifty Mini works for running around or even carrying your lunch. There’s even a Baguette holder – what a fantastic idea! – for those times when you’re at the bakery and don’t want to take an unneccessary plastic or paper bag. They come in a selection of gorgeous fabrics that will make you want to carry these bags everywhere you go.

Right now you can order these bags by phone or email only – online shopping is coming shortly. The fact that it is not available yet is only a good thing for my credit card.

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