New Otterbottle Insulated Awesomeness – and a Giveaway!

Updated: The giveaway will be going to

Urban Girl who said…
thanks so much for the chance at the giveaway! I really like the OM thermos. I love that you could have something leakproof to carry liquids to work. yeah!

It’s tough, staying hydrated and caffeinated in an eco-unfriendly world. Too easy it is to grab a plastic disposable water bottle or a takeaway coffee cup and paper sleeve. Awesome Canadian company OtterBottle has been trying to change that, one green consumer at a time. They originally introduced a snazzy line of reusable water bottles in fantastic, funky designs. Now they’ve gone a step further: They’re eco-fying your coffee cup and lunch break by introducing a gorgeous new line of insulated food and drink containers, with stylish insulated lunch totes to carry it all in. (more…)

T Bag & Company – Gorgeous Bag Giveaway

And the recipient of the bags is stsammy who said..

Ooooo…. Shiraz. It would coordinate so nicely with my stroller as I’m out on my mat leave shopping excursions!

Thanks all!

Have you been to a grocery store lately?  Let’s assume “yes”. Did you notice how prevalent reusable bags have become? I would say that on average, less than half of the people in the checkout line are still using plastic (and for the dirt on plastic bags – and why we shouldn’t use them – check out my earlier post.) And every day, I notice the neat, practical, and innovative bags people are using.  Like these gorgeous bags.  They’re from T Bag and Company.  They’re handmade in Canada from 100% cotton, out of gorgeous fabrics.  They’re stylish. Chic. Uber-useful. They’re smart, with a flat bottom and an interior elastic band to hold bottles upright (brilliant!) Just imagine how delicious your food would taste after you take it home in these bags.  Well, maybe that’s a stretch – but you sure will feel good about using them, because they’re just so pretty. You can buy all sorts of products from T Bag and Company at

WANT IT? I have two bags from T Bag and Company to give away – a market tote and a lunch sized bag, both in gorgeous black and white patterns. Just leave a note in the comments telling me your favourite pattern from the T Bag & Company website – and make sure you leave me a way to contact you – by Tuesday, April 27. Giveaway recipients will be selected at random and notified by e-mail. Good luck!

Flip and Tumble is having a giveaway!

You may remember Flip and Tumble, the creators of fantastic reusable bags. Out of all the bags I own, these are my favourites, because of the easy way they stuff in to the little bag to get tossed back in to my purse – meaning these are the bags that get used the most around here because they’re the ones I’m least likely to forget. In a rainbow of colours and even some gorgeous prints like the one at left, these bags are sturdy, stylish and super fun to use.  They’re also reasonably priced and have good shipping rates to Canada. Nice!

But it’s always better to get things in a giveaway, and so to that end you should check out their earth day giveaway. All you need to do is drop them a quick email along with your address information to before April 22nd. The winners will be notified on Earth Day – and I did confirm that Canadians are eligible. So get emailing and good luck!

Credo bags: Reusable bags for any need!

These are brilliant.

You know when you’re at the grocery store, and you need apples, but you don’t want to take a plastic bag because, well, we all know what the deal is with plastic bags, but picking up a dozen or so apples and trying to carry them loose is just a pain, and the checkout person is trying to roll them all around on the scale and half of them fall off and gaaah.

Solve that problem but quick with Credo Produce Bags. I’ve been using them for a year, and they kick all kinds of butt. They come in various sizes, from “I need a couple of tomatoes” to “I need a dozen apples” to “I need three heads of romaine”.  Coming in regular and organic cotton, the produce bags have a drawstring closure and are fully washable in case your tomatoes get squashed. And: Made in Canada, whoop!  The bags start in price as low as $5, so are an easy budget addition to your reusable bag rotation.

You can buy Credo Produce bags as well as any of their other awesome stuff from their online store as well as at various locations across Canada.

Origins Bag and Ginger Scrub: Earth Week Giveaway #4

And the lucky recipient of the Origins giveaway is Susan R who said…

Hey Shannie,

I was actually making a mental list on Earth Day of the changes that I’ve already made to try and be a little cleaner and greener. Here’s my list of some of the biggies:

1) No chemical cleaners in da’ house – vinegar, BS, Dr, Bonner’s and essential oils. Sure, my house sometimes smells like a fish and chips shop but it beats the “I think I’m gonna pass out from the Tilex fumes” alternative.

2) Organic food where possible – especially fruit and veg. I order a basket from Fresh organic produce, as local as the season allows, delivered right to my door, which also saves on the gas it would take for me to drive to the grocery store – bonus!

3) Cannot remember the last time I got a plastic bag at any store. People whinge and complain that Loblaws are now charging for plastic…how can they be expected to remember their green bags all the time? Um..put them in your trunk, bring them into the store, fill them up, take them home, empty them out, put them back in the trunk. University degree not required.

4) I compost. I recycle – whatever and wherever I can. Big box stores -Best Buy, in particular – is great for old electronics and used batteries.

In the upcoming year, I’m planning on switching my hot water heating over to solar. I think those funky panels in my roof will be quite stylin’. See I’m also investing in a rainwater collection tank to water the lawn and plants when (read: if!) summer arrrives.

Bring on the eco-volution!

Congrats Susan R and good luck next time, peeps!

“No, no! Say it ain’t so! Not another giveaway! It’s TOO MUCH!” I can hear you all wailing. Well, you’ll just have to get over it because today I have two treats for you from Origins.

It’s no secret around here that Origins is one of my favourite brands. While they are a “big” brand, I’ve always appreciated the fact that they are continually trying to improve their products and provide consumers with high-quality alternatives to regular department store products. Combine this with their fun and innovative blends and the Origins counter is one I find myself spending lots of time at.

Today I have two treats for you from Origins. One: A jar of their gorgeous Ginger Body Scrub. This amazing little tub contains skin-scouring Dead Sea Salts and warming Ginger Zest buffered in emollient-rich Macadamia Oil, Soybean Oil, Kukui Nut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. This combination, when slathered on dry, flaky skin, scrubs away all the old and leaves bright, healthy, moisturized new skin in its place. It’s luxuriant and feels wonderful, and will leave you moisturized for hours. (Just don’t wipe out when you’re getting out of the tub… this stuff is slippery!)

And keeping that jar safe is treat number two: A limited edition Origins I Don’t Get Wasted organic cotton reusable bag as shown at left. Big, with sturdy handles, this bag will carry even your heaviest grocery loads and stand up for more.

What do you have to do to get these treats? You just have to comment below and tell me What change you’re making to your lifestyle after Earth Day. Are you switching to post-consumer recycled paper products in your home? Are you going to plant an organic veggie garden in the back yard? Whatever it is, post it below by Thursday, April 30. I’ll pick a name through Don’t forget to leave me contact information… and good luck!

ecochick Gift Guide: Gourmet Market Totes from

Gourmet Market Tote-Blue in the FaceI know, Thanksgiving’s barely gone, it’s not Hallowe’en yet, and trust me: When I see Christmas decorations in the stores when the leaves are still green, I lose it too. And yet, it’s inevitable: Christmas is coming. You can make this year really easy on yourself, though, and rely on ecochick’s new Gift Guide feature to start ordering stuff for Chrissy Pressies. Get it done early and won’t you look like a smart sister come December 24!

Now, I know you already use reusable bags at the farmers’ market or grocery store or liquor store or wherever, but does your Mom/Sister/Best Friend/Gramma/etc? If not, then this gorgeous set of three Gourmet Market Totes made by T Bag & Co will get them going in gorgeous style. Made with funky, fashionable and sturdy 100% cotton, these bags have webbed handles, an interior elastic band to hold bottles upright (so smart!) and hold up to 3 times more than your average plastic bag. Imagine fitting your entire grocery load into these three hip bags!

The set costs $38 CAD and is available from

How to reuse plastic bags – from Etsy!

Did you know that Etsy, the all-things-handmade-heaven, has a great YouTube channel? And that on that great YouTube Channel, they have great How-Tos?

This How-To video is brilliant. How to take average everyday plastic bags and turn them into a robust thick plastic to use in craft projects. Awesome! What a great way to keep these little nasties out of the landfill and create something robust and reusable. Check it out…

Kootsac Re-usable Produce Bags

Rounding out Etsy week here at ecochick: So, I know you’ve been working hard at accumulating some great, robust shopping bags to take with you to the grocery store or wherever else it is you might shop. But then, you get in to the grocery store and go to pick up some fresh green beans, or perhaps some new baby potatoes, and you end up needing to grab a plastic produce bag. Foiled!

Well, not anymore. Kootsac has got you covered. With a range of lightweight, sturdy bags that are suitable for all kinds of food, you’ll never need plastic again.

She’s got nice big produce bags, bulk food bags in all sizes for things like flour or nuts or whatever else you may buy in bulk, and big tote bags to help you carry it all away. The bags are reasonably priced and uber-useful – check them out!

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