Honest.com – Great Holiday Sales!

Honest.com Hand SoapThere’s so much out there for the Holidays, but it’s really important to me to give something that people will love.  Otherwise, it’s wasteful, and waste is a drag. Plus, knowing that your loved one is enjoying your gift is just the greatest feeling.   The best way to ensure you’re giving something someone else will love? Knowing you already love it yourself.



Preloved Runway Sale

Just got this in my inbox from Preloved:

After much anticipation, preloved is proud to announce that we are auctioning off an EXCLUSIVE selection of our Fall 2010 collection on eBay, as shown on the runway at Toronto Fashion week earlier this year.

The link is here.

The Amber Dress: made of 2 types of wool trousers, sari fabric with a curtain waistband

This is a HUGE success so be sure to check back on November 3rd for the launch of ‘preloved for eBay’

- our sweater collection designed especially for eBay
- items are limited so get in quick prelovers!!!

I just checked out the link… there’s some gorgeous stuff including this sharp Nikki leather jacket  and this uber-fun Doreen sweater. And there might be a chance to score a wicked deal. Enjoy!

Well.ca Green Store Launch – Earth Week Giveaway #3!

Whee, the lucky recipient of the Well.ca gift basket is susantroy who said…

The baby cubes are the greatest purchase ever for new moms (hint, hint). I didn’t have those, but they would be so much better than ice cube trays for freezing baby food! You need to buy them! :)

Happy Earth Day!

Susan, email me at talk at ecochick dot ca ASAP and everyone else – good luck next time!

Have you checked out Well.ca, the online drugstore? It’s a great resource for purchasing anything you can find at a regular drugstore – with the added bonus, of course, of doing it from your lap, and with free shipping anywhere in Canada on all orders, it’s a no brainer for when you need to stock up on essentials.

The great eco-news is that today they’ve launched their new Green and Natural store stocked with over 3,000 products from great lines such as Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face, Derma E, Weleda, Giovanni’s, Green Works, Green Beaver and many more.

And the *awesome* news is that the gang at Well.ca love ecochick readers, and want to give you some great products to try out in honour of their launch and Earth Day.

First in the gift pack is an Urban Spa Full Body Sea Sponge – Soft, absorbent and durable, sea sponges turn soap and body wash into a foamy, luxurious lather that’s perfect for the bath and shower. These sponges are sustainably harvested too!

Next up is a delicious jar of Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub – this delicious lemony scrub tingles with fragrance and is an invigorating body exfoliator that polishes skin’s surface, removing cellular debris. The richly scented formula contains the exclusive Giovanni PureOrganic Technology blend.

And finally – as if you needed more – there’s a Burt’s Bees Nourishing Gift Set containing *amazing* Burt’s Bees products including Naturally Nourishing Body Wash, Naturally Nourishing Lotion, Naturally Nourishing Body Bar, Herbal Milk Bath, Honey Lip Balm, Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme and a gorgeous Bee-uty Bag. Can you believe it?

All this can be yours, ecochick – you just need to head on over to the Well.ca Green Store and spend a little time exploring. Then come back here and tell me in the comments about a new eco-product you’ve discovered there that you’d love to try. Leave your comment by Wednesday, April 29, 2009 (sorry folks, Canucks only!) and make sure you leave me a way to contact you. Good luck and Happy Earth Day!

Sweetbeets: eco-friendly letterpress stationery

From the inbox: Sweetbeets hand-pressed stationery. This gorgeous line of cards, tags and invitations features original illustrations that celebrate the magic of childhood, and are letterpressed into lovely card stock. The vintage press creates a deep, crisp impression that you can see and feel. This centuries-old technique is unlike any other printing method. These gorgeous, unique cards are perfect for any childhood celebration, whether it’s a shower, a birth or a birthday.

What’s really awesome is that all of designs are letterpress printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using vegetable based inks. You can find these awesome cards at the Sweetbeets Etsy Shop, or at over 50 retailers across Canada and the US. You’ll find a difference: At the Etsy shop, the envelopes for the cards are 30% post-consumer recycled; if you find Sweetbeets at a retailer, the envelopes are 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Everything is made in Canada.

Check it out at Etsy!


Have you heard of Etsy? It’s an online marketplace for people across the world to sell their handmade wares. Which, by nature, makes it just a little bit more ecofriendly than most mass-produced items. ecochick’s done a little search work for you and found some of the coolest Etsy ecofriendly stuff – all made in Canada.

Montreal’s Organic Quilt Company makes amazing, beautiful handmade baby quilts, made with naturally-dyed, chemical-free organically-grown cottons, pre-washed in chlorine/phosphate free laundry soap so they’re ready to go. With quilts, blankets and burping cloths in a variety of styles and colours, you will definitely find something that works for you or as a gift. These are the kind of blankets that kids would have as a keepsake their entire lives.

Inkyspider makes a selection of textiles out of organic cotton, hemp, and other materials out of her Britich Columbia base. They are naturally handscreened with funky, earthy designs, with products ranging from baby and kids’ tees, to adult clothes, to napkins to cushion covers to neat reusable gift bags (a great way to avoid using non-recyclable wrapping paper!) and plenty more.

SudsMuffin (which is possibly the best name I have ever heard for a company, ever) makes lots of handmade soaps from their base in Saint John, New Brunswick. One of their soaps, called Buzz and Munch, is made with local goat’s milk, honey, and ground oatmeal. They also “infuse every batch of soap [they] make with raw, wild-crafted peacesilk, harvested from abandoned cocoons.” I have no idea what this means, but it sounds amazing. A gigantic bar of Buzz and Munch costs $6 and can be cut into smaller bars for use everywhere.

ecochick’s Nova Scotia roots were stirred into a frenzy of nostalgia visiting this store: Seaglass Designs, based in Dartmouth. I can’t describe this stuff any more eloquently than they can:

Sea glass, also known as beach glass or mermaid’s tears, is nature’s answer to bottles, china and pottery carelessly thrown into the sea many years ago. The glass is tumbled on the ocean floor, smoothed by the waves and sand until it washes up on shore, waiting to be found by a lucky passerby.

This lucky passerby then takes the pieces she finds and works them into beautiful and unique jewelry creations, like the whimsical Tequila Lime piece shown above.

There’s plenty more – simply head to Etsy and search for eco, green, recycled, organic and Canada. Enjoy!

Not Just Pretty

Victoria, BC is the home of Not Just Pretty Modern Organic Clothing, carrying items from over 30 different ecofriendly lines including Twice Shy, Thieves, Passenger Pigeon and more. All of the lines they carry are environmentally friendly in diverse ways, from designers who use a variety of fabrics created from sustainably grown and manufactured fibers, or even recycled items. So whether you’re keen on pretty dresses created from bamboo/tencel blends from EcoSkin or organic cotton from Perfectly Imperfect, or perhaps a sharp organic cotton twill handbag from Sparrow Handbags, the wide range of products at Not Just Pretty will allow you to find pretty much any ecofriendly fashion you could ever want.

In addition, they also carry skin and haircare products from John Masters Organics and organic, fairly traded shoes from Veja.

Alas, ecochick lives in Ottawa, not Victoria, which makes it difficult to zip out for a quick browse… so it’s awesome that they have a robust online store where they have plenty of items – and they ship across Canada for very reasonable prices, including “free” if you purchase over $100 CDN.

Kai Kids

Oh baby, there are plenty of eco-friendly baby and kid stores popping up out there across Canada. This awesome new trend means it’s making it easier every day for parents to find the products they’re looking for, like babysoy or BornFree. One exciting recent entry to the scene is Toronto’s Kai Kids.

Kai Kids carries a wide range of products from many brands, brands they’ve researched and tested personally to ensure the products are both ethical and great quality. These products are arranged thoughtfully according to what the products are used (Sleep, Bathe, Eat, Wear, Change, Play)- which is super functional, and less frequently seen than sorting according to brand. There’s also an area for Mamas, with funky sustainable maternity clothing and tools for the mama trade like oh-so-glamourous bamboo nursing pads.

There’s an FAQ to help you navigate the various fabrics and terms, and they highlight sale items in the sidebar – oh, the allure of a bargain!

Also, in 2008 they will be donating 1 % of their sales to 1% For The Planet to support two Canadian environmental programs. So spending your funds at KaiKids not only gets you great ecostuff for your family, it helps support great causes.

Excited yet? Check it all out at Kai Kids.