Your Green Holiday Shopping List!

If you’re going by the amount of snow on the ground, it’s definitely nearly time for Christmas. Inspired by GreenLAGirl’s post on BlogHer, here’s ecochick’s Guide to Green Holiday Shopping – all available in Canada!

1. For the Student in your life: How about funky, 100% recycled Ecojot paper products? They’ll be the coolest kid in school, with the Ecojot funky designs and fancy colours.

2. For the girly girl: Lilou Organics Gift Boxes have flexible options to suit exactly your girly girl’s taste. Cosmetics, bath products, things for Mommy, the list goes on. Choose from prepackaged options, or build your own and they’ll package it for you.

3. For the Road Warrior: How about a cool Solar Charger for the blackberry, laptop or cell phone? Great way to save energy on the road. (I’m still looking for a Canadian source for these!)

4. For the domestic diva: The Hostess with the Mostest wouldn’t be caught dead without ecofriendly bamboo accessories. Toronto based Grass Roots Environmental Products sells bamboo plates for the Christmas buffet… and as a bonus, they sell the cutlery, too! Thanks for the tip, Rowan! US based Greenfeet has them as well.. made from sustainably grown bamboo, and biodegradeable within six months. Nice!

5. For the yoga fanatic: Lululemon’s oqoqo line blends style and sustainability with function. Their soft sustainable fabrics are great for the studio or the street.

6. For the clothes horse: Roots Organics or Roots Bamboo, such as this sweet bamboo long sleeved men’s t. Not everything at Roots is organic or sustainable, so make sure you check the labels before you buy.

7. For the dog lover: A lovely organic dog toy from Simply Fido will ensure that pup’s favourite pal is great company, and good for the environment.

8. For the ecokid: ecotoytown has a wide range of non-toxic, planet friendly toys for kiddo. From soft plushies, to ecofriendly puzzles, building blocks and more, you’ll find anything to suit any kid.

9. For the pamperer: Origins has some amazingly luxurious bath products available, including the decadent ginger line that ecochick can’t stop flapping about. (Ha, get it?)

10. For Anyone: A trendy, convenient Sigg Water Bottle – the robust, cool, non-plastic water bottle alternative.

Any other ideas? Let ecochick know!