Buenostyle Jewelry

Sometimes I wonder why anyone would ever go “new” when vintage and eco is just so gorgeous. Case in point: Bueno Style Jewelry. Made by Vancouver creative-eco-type Christi York, Buenostyle jewelry is fun, classical, one of a kind (or one of a few) jewelry pieces. She uses discontinued stock glass and brass from most of the 20th century that she finds in shops, sals or other secret locations, and either works them in to completely new pieces or sells the vintage jewelry as is. For example, take a look at this beautiful ornate pendant that would be certain to become a family heirloom, or these vintage filigree and Swarovski crystal earrings showing a beautiful blend of vintage and new. (more…)

EcoHandmade Studio

I love just drifting aimlessly through Etsy and seeing what might pop up. People are so creative and so innovative; it’s amazing to see what they’ll come up with when left to their own devices.

Today I came across this bit of autumn joy: Eco Handmade Studio. This crafty shop creates jewelry with recycled glass. She embeds tiny nature photographs into little glass casings, then mounts them on anything from cord and ribbon for a necklace to wire for earrings. They’re perfect for fall – or any season. So unique and such a beautiful, fashionable conversation piece!

All her pieces are available on her Etsy shop – and she’s in Canada so shipping will be a breeze. Yay!

Swept from the Sea

I’ve already featured SeaGlass Designs on ecochick (and bought something from them – love!) so I thought it only fair to feature a different sea glass jewelry shop during Etsy week. After all, it can’t hurt to check out both!

This time, it’s Vancouver’s Swept From The Sea. Making gorgeous creations with beach glass is their thing. All glass (and other stuff such as pottery as shown at right) is collected from British Columbia beaches and refashioned into something beautiful for you. This is my favourite kind of eco: taking something that’s otherwise discarded and turning it into something amazing. Check out their oh-so-pretty necklaces and pendants, tie tacks for men and plenty more.

She even sells sea glass supplies – pieces that have been pre-drilled for uses such as pendants or buttons that you can incorporate into your own handiwork.

Pretty, one of a kind pieces Swept from the Sea – what more could you ask?

Bazant’s Unique Adornments

And from Toronto: Bazant’s Unique Adornments.

Using recycled vintage jewelry pieces, fair trade beads and hand-worked silver, Bazant creates gorgeous, one of a kind pieces that definitely get noticed, using beads and jewelry lovingly collected around the world. She has plenty of different kinds of pieces, with her signature piece being the One of a Kind Sets. There’s the Valentine, shown here; the chic black and white Secret Garden, the pretty, retro-feel Beloved, rich Treasure and more.

She makes necklaces, earrings, bracelets – jewelry to suit any taste. Find her on Etsy at Bazant’s Unique Adornments.


Have you heard of Etsy? It’s an online marketplace for people across the world to sell their handmade wares. Which, by nature, makes it just a little bit more ecofriendly than most mass-produced items. ecochick’s done a little search work for you and found some of the coolest Etsy ecofriendly stuff – all made in Canada.

Montreal’s Organic Quilt Company makes amazing, beautiful handmade baby quilts, made with naturally-dyed, chemical-free organically-grown cottons, pre-washed in chlorine/phosphate free laundry soap so they’re ready to go. With quilts, blankets and burping cloths in a variety of styles and colours, you will definitely find something that works for you or as a gift. These are the kind of blankets that kids would have as a keepsake their entire lives.

Inkyspider makes a selection of textiles out of organic cotton, hemp, and other materials out of her Britich Columbia base. They are naturally handscreened with funky, earthy designs, with products ranging from baby and kids’ tees, to adult clothes, to napkins to cushion covers to neat reusable gift bags (a great way to avoid using non-recyclable wrapping paper!) and plenty more.

SudsMuffin (which is possibly the best name I have ever heard for a company, ever) makes lots of handmade soaps from their base in Saint John, New Brunswick. One of their soaps, called Buzz and Munch, is made with local goat’s milk, honey, and ground oatmeal. They also “infuse every batch of soap [they] make with raw, wild-crafted peacesilk, harvested from abandoned cocoons.” I have no idea what this means, but it sounds amazing. A gigantic bar of Buzz and Munch costs $6 and can be cut into smaller bars for use everywhere.

ecochick’s Nova Scotia roots were stirred into a frenzy of nostalgia visiting this store: Seaglass Designs, based in Dartmouth. I can’t describe this stuff any more eloquently than they can:

Sea glass, also known as beach glass or mermaid’s tears, is nature’s answer to bottles, china and pottery carelessly thrown into the sea many years ago. The glass is tumbled on the ocean floor, smoothed by the waves and sand until it washes up on shore, waiting to be found by a lucky passerby.

This lucky passerby then takes the pieces she finds and works them into beautiful and unique jewelry creations, like the whimsical Tequila Lime piece shown above.

There’s plenty more – simply head to Etsy and search for eco, green, recycled, organic and Canada. Enjoy!

Elva Fields Jewelry

Emily Wheat Maynard has created a business wherein, it seems, life imitates art. Except this time, you can take the little pieces of life home with you.

She has taken her extensive education in French and Art History, her masters thesis that compared Italian Renaissance and ancient Greek and Roman jewelry, and combined it with her talent for scouring antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets. She threw in some education in metalworking and voila! Elva Fields Jewelry was born.

Taking the vintage pieces she finds on her searches, she repurposes them into beautiful new pieces in three design lines – Elva, June and Deb, named for Emily’s great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother (Aw!). All lines use vintage components, but the Deb line prides itself on being 100% vintage – and also succeeds at being 100% beautiful. Another neat thing she’ll do is a custom order – she’ll take a vintage piece you already own and rework it into something new and beautiful on request. What an amazing way to work an antique piece back into style!

She also has a great blog that keeps you informed of all the latest goings on in the world of Elva Fields.

Elva Fields is based in the US, but don’t worry – they will ship to Canada for a very reasonable $15 shipping charge.

Heard enough? Go shopping at Elva Fields. And here’s the cool part – Elva Fields has extended a discount to ecochick readers. Simply enter in the discount code ECO at checkout to receive 15% off your order – thanks Emily!