Pistachio: Environmentally Conscious and Engaged with Life

From their website:

“Pistachio is about creating, using, and reusing things intelligently, about wasting less, and about putting good things into and onto our bodies.

We embrace the idea that being environmentally caring doesn’t mean denying, abandoning or refusing the things we love, but rather designing, developing and using products in more informed, eco-friendly ways.”

Amen. And to that end, Toronto based Pistachio carries beautiful products that you will love to use. Pistachio products all have easy to read labels that tells you exactly how their products are good for the environment. They source products that are in some way ethical, local, mission based businesses, businesses that create handmade products, and show an environmental commitment. So when you purchase stuff from Pistachio – and you will – you know that it has been vetted somehow and passed a test as being at least a bit better for the planet than your average product.

Check out their gorgeous Stationery and Invitations, the Apothecary that carries Jurlique, Juice, Pangea and other awesome ecofriendly personal care products, or their Gift Shop that has wonderful, whimsical gifts such as Organic Wool Throw Blankets or Rubberwood Nesting Bowls.

But where oh where can you find Pistachio products? Alas, not online. But you can find them at plenty of locations in and around Toronto, as well as Chapters and Indigo stores across Canada. Yay!

Anna Sova Luxury Organics

Are you looking for organic cotton textiles for your home, but you’re also looking for the finer things in life?

Then you should look at Anna Sova Luxury Organics, where you will find the most gorgeous, thick, amazingly decadent textiles but all made with organic cotton and ethical practices. That means no toxic or petrochemical pesticides. No dioxin bleaches or optical whiteners. No heavy metal dyes. No formaldehyde or silicone sizing; made with fair labor practices. Look at these gorgeous sheets: 460 thread count. Imagine that.

They’ve got a wide range of bedding options from sheets to duvet covers to bedskirts and more. They also carry towels, aromatherapy bath and body products and lots more. They’re available in Canada at one store so far, but you can also buy online. Sweet.

Rawganique: Products for a Fragile Planet

Another Google find: Rawganique. Rawganique makes sweatshop-free organic hemp clothing products in the USA, Canada, & Europe. They also throw organic cotton and linen into the mix to create a wide range of beautiful clothes as well as home products. It’s only when you start clicking around their website that you realize the extent of their product collection: menswear, Ladies’ wear, cool Kids’ stuff.. tons. But check this out: there’s even hemp wedding gear, a massive Home colection including a wide range of bedding, blankets, comforters, pillows – even mattresses!

Rawganique isn’t just a manufacturer: They live, breathe and believe everything they do. Shopping Rawganique is a full, robust experience – check them out.

Blue Barnhouse: Greetings with Shazam!

I like it when eco-vendors let me know about themselves (and you can too, just email me at talk at ecochick dot ca!) I especially like it when they let me know about themselves on days when I’m really tired and jet lagged. And I especially especially like it when they let me know about themselves and they’re as fun and cool as Blue Barnhouse.

Gorgeous handpressed cards, printed on 100% recycled cardstock on an antique press, with illustrations salvaged from old childhood favourite books such as Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. Oh, so pretty and dainty. Except they are so, so awesomely.. not. I must have laughed out loud 20 times while browsing this website – they’re that good. Politically incorrect, sprinkled liberally with splendidly foul language, these cards provide a daintily messy commentary on life for our cynical age. I am sure that every one of us can find a friend for whom these cards would be completely perfect. And let’s just say I’ve found my Christmas Cards early this year.

They do ship to Canada, and plenty of vendors carry the cards … keep your eye out. These splendid cards are not to be missed.

Tanis Alexis eco-conscious art

First shop in our Etsy week: Vancouver’s Tanis Alexis eco-Conscious Art. These lovely creations are whimsical and unique, in a range of sizes to perfectly fit that blank piece of wall you’re looking to fill. With pretty, pale pastel colours and thoughtful, endearing characters, these pieces would be gorgeous in a bedroom, child’s room or wherever you need a little bubble of happiness.

Original pieces are made from non-toxic materials including water-based pigments, rice clue and recycled paper, pasted onto a salvaged piece of wood. In her own words: I have no qualms about diving into a dumpster to save useable pieces of scrap wood to use as the base for my art. I hope the efforts have an impact on how you might re-use materials meant for the dump. Now that’s eco!

There are also plenty of beautiful photos and prints of original artwork, all printed by On Your Marks Prints, who specialize in high quality, no waste print technology, no chemical inks and all images printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers.

You can see the entire collection at Tanis Alexis eco-Conscious Art. Enjoy!

Flip and Tumble – cheaper international shipping!

Remember Flip and Tumble? The awesome reusable bags, the bags I carry in my purse every single day, the bags I use all the time, the bags I get compliments on, the bags people drool over at the grocery store when I use them? Well, good news. They always shipped to Canada, but the shipping costs were fairly high (when I calculated it, shipping more than one bag cost around $20). I just checked on the site and their shipping costs are far lower – shipping 6 bags to Canada will cost under $10! Yippeee! Pick up a bunch and use them for yourself, give them to your friends, use them as stocking stuffers at Christmas – the sky’s the limit!

Sweetbeets: eco-friendly letterpress stationery

From the inbox: Sweetbeets hand-pressed stationery. This gorgeous line of cards, tags and invitations features original illustrations that celebrate the magic of childhood, and are letterpressed into lovely card stock. The vintage press creates a deep, crisp impression that you can see and feel. This centuries-old technique is unlike any other printing method. These gorgeous, unique cards are perfect for any childhood celebration, whether it’s a shower, a birth or a birthday.

What’s really awesome is that all of designs are letterpress printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using vegetable based inks. You can find these awesome cards at the Sweetbeets Etsy Shop, or at over 50 retailers across Canada and the US. You’ll find a difference: At the Etsy shop, the envelopes for the cards are 30% post-consumer recycled; if you find Sweetbeets at a retailer, the envelopes are 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Everything is made in Canada.

Check it out at Etsy!

Green Your Decor écologique Book Giveaway

Green Your Decor was a recent find and one I’m enjoying tremendously. The awesome and amazing Jennae writes this excellent blog, which is the perfect combination of eco-friendliness, style and interior decorating pizazz. In her own words:

Green Your Decor is your one-stop guide for all things “green” for your home, from rugs and wall art to linens, appliances and paint. Every day, I will scour the web for these products and present them to you, along with their “green” qualities and links to where you can buy them.

The goal is to demonstrate that style and quality can also be sustainable, and we all can reduce our carbon footprints, not only in well-known choices like turning off lights and driving less often, but also in the products that we purchase.

If you don’t have Green Your Decor in your feed reader yet – add it, and if you’re a Twitterer you can follow her there too to get the latest updates on what she’s posting.

Today she’s posted an awesome guest post and giveaway – Kelly laPlante, author of new book écologique: the style of sustainable design, talks about how she originally started in the eco-friendly business and how she maintains her environmental principles of “reuse as the first step” and “gorgeous green materials to carry the designs to completion”. They’re giving away a copy of écologique and I was tempted to not post this giveaway because I WANT THE BOOK SO BADLY, but that would be un-ecochick like. So head on over to this post and find out how to enter the giveaway, and good luck!

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Towels: Where have they been all my life

Another excellent find from Arbour Environmental Shoppe: gorgeous, squashy, soft Coyuchi Towels. One of the things I really enjoy about searching for eco-products is finding something that totally outclasses the non-ecofriendly version in every way, and these towels are completely in that category. Soft and thick, with thousands of thirsty loops of organic cotton, these towels are a luxury.

Coyuchi certified organic cotton is grown in India by family cooperatives, ensuring a fair price for the growers as well as protecting everyone (farmers, manufacturers, and you) from toxic agricultural chemicals. (You can view Coyuchi’s video “The Conventional Trap” which outlines the difficulties faced by cotton farmers in India under the “about us” section of their website to learn more.)

Coyuchi towels come in a range of colours and sizes, including the 28″x54″ bath towel and the 35″x65″ bath sheet, which means you’ll be able to find something perfect for your home.

You can find Coyuchi products at many retailers across the US and Canada – simply click the “store locator” link on their website.

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