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LiveGreen Toronto Festival

LGTF_TopBanner_banner_850x150Are you at loose ends this weekend? This sounds like a fantastic Green event for you Toronto folk – the LiveGreen Toronto Festival at Yonge and Dundas square, this Saturday from 11-8 pm. There will be a green Street Market, a fun Kids Zone, A Swapsity Swap zone, super informative and interactive presentations on the community stage and super fun and danceable entertainment on the main stage. Lots more information on their website – hop on a subway and come on down for a fun green afternoon!

Toronto Green Living Show – April 25 – 27

GLS14-lockup-400x115Spring means it’s time for the Green Living Show in Toronto! This is the premier eco-show in Canada, with over 400 exhibitors, 5 main stages and loads of fun. Hosted at the cavernous Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place, this show will not only feature tons of new products and innovations in the eco-space, you will also find something for absolutely everyone in your family from the youngest to the youngest at heart. (more…)

Green Books Campaign: The Value of Nothing by Raj Patel

A month or so ago, I was contacted by Raz from Eco-Libris about a campaign.  200 bloggers were going to simultaneously publish reviews on sustainably published books (meaning, books printed on recycled or FSC-certified paper).  The concept was simple: We select from a list of books, the publisher provides us with a copy, and on November 10 at 1 pm, we publish our review. (more…)

Ottawa Eco-Stewardship Fair: April 24, 2010

It’s that time again! This year on Earth Day, the Ottawa Eco-Stewardship Fair will be happening again at the RA Centre on Riverside Drive in Ottawa, celebrating Green Living ideas, products and services. A fantastic day is planned, with excellent exhibitors such as Ecocentrik Apparel, Eco-TAV Creations, ecomama and more, food exhibits including The Red Apron and the Ottawa Farmers’ Market Association, and much much more. Much more.  There’s also an eco-artist display and the Eco-award ceremonies recognizing individuals, groups, organizations or businesses that have made a significant contribution to protecting the environment and promoting conservation and sustainability.  And, awesome?  Admission and parking are both free (especially bike parking.)  See you there!

Our Choice: Al Gore

In the pile of delicious books I received for review from Rodale Publishing, the second one on the review list was the new book from Al Gore called Our Choice. The former US Vice President and high-profile environmental activist has followed up his tremendously successful and enlightening first book, An Inconvenient Truth, with a work that tells us what we can do to change the truths and realities exposed in that book: a new book called Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.

In Our Choice, Gore tells us the realities of how we’re living on this planet right now: what are the sources of the energy we use? And knowing our appetite for energy, how can we change those sources and move to something more sustainable? What are the challenges of moving to those technologies – and what are the challenges of *not* moving?

In this exhaustively researched yet compellingly written book, you’ll see beautiful images of the world we live in and how it’s changing due to the impacts of human energy consumption (including fossil fuels, food, and much more). You’ll learn about the realities of solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear and biofuels, including the way they work as well as the challenges involved in using them (eg. the requirement for a new power grid to distribute the power in a smarter way).

In the end, Gore poses us a choice. It is still possible to fix the damage we’ve done and to halt the progression of the problems we’ve created. And in 20, 40, 100 years, how will we explain what we’ve done? How will we say to our children, this is how we fixed it – or this is why we didn’t? Ultimately, Our Choice is a testimony to the reality of the climate crisis – that it is not insurmountable, that it is fixable, and that is within our power to do so.

You can pick up Our Choice at Chapters/Indigo and other retailers.

Ottawa Hidden Treasures Giveaway Weekend October 24-25

Do you have tons of stuff in your house that isn’t broken or otherwise not usable, but that you’re just not using anymore? Old CDs, mismatched end tables, maybe some 4 year old magazines… who knows? Well, if you’re in Ottawa, take that stuff, clearly label it as “FREE”, and put it out to the curb on Saturday and Sunday for the Hidden Treasures Giveaway Weekend. It could be anything – just as long as it’s still usable for someone, it just might find a home. Check out the website for the official “rules” of the giveaway such as how to display your items, and which items might be best left un-given away. Happy hunting!

Kick your Plastic Bag Habit – here’s how!

I’m pleased to announce that my first article is up at

You’ve heard it all already – how plastic bags are used for an average of 7 minutes then discarded. How they take thousands barrels of petroleum a year to make. How they end up in landfills to slowly disintegrate over hundreds of years. You have in fact heard all that, I’m sure.

So how to go from knowing plastic bags are a drag, to actually decreasing your use of plastic bags? Everyone tries, but I’m sure everyone can think of a time they ended up at the checkout reusable-bag free. Here’s a few tips on the easiest ways to eliminate (or at least massively decrease) your bag usage.

Click through to read the full article!

Inhabitat Summer Contest: Green Gadget Giveaway!

One of my favourite eco-blogs, Inhabitat, is giving away a PILE of swag on their blog this summer.

Up for grabs: A Voltaic Solar Powered Backpack containing an Inhabitat T-shirt and tote bag; a Freeplay hand-crank LED Lantern inside a cool Inhabitat Tote bag, and a bunch of awesome Inhabitat T-shirt or tote bags.

You just need to be signed up for their newsletter to be eligible for the giveaways. More info and how to claim your prizes are posted here. Even if you aren’t looking for swag, though, it’s worth it to sign up for their e-mail or RSS feed – it’s a great eco-blog with tons upon tons of news from all over. Check it out.

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