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Stock up for Summer on Honest.com

Oh, winter. You are just refusing to leave, aren’t you. Can’t take a hint. Although at this point it’s not a hint, it’s an outright invitation to leave.  But leave it will, and soon it will be time for outdoors, for beaches and parks, for sunscreen and hats. I promise!

So it’s time to stock up. Honest.com has a quick sale on – 50% off select spring essentials: sunblock lotion, sun hats, swim shirts with code SUNNYTIMES. This offer runs from March 26, 2015 through March 29, 2015. And seriously, check out how adorbs their summer gear is, like this kids’ UPF 50 Swim Shirt or these hot hats! (more…)

Holiday Shopping at LNBF: ecochick enjoys.

IMG_5844Clothes are fun. Oh my, clothes are fun. But as a busy mom slash businessperson, I also need clothes to be functional.

LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) generously shared a few pieces of their Fall/Winter collection with me.  This is really exciting for a few reasons. 1. New clothes wooo!  2. Ecofriendly clothes wooo!  3. Holiday shopping time wooo! But the question really was, does LNBF stuff stand up to the promise?  Ecofriendly and comfortable? Stylish and durable? (more…)

LNBF Daisy Cardigan

LNBF Summer Sale!

From the inbox today, I came across a supah-fun email. Do you need a pretty summer dress or a light cardigan in case of evening breezes? Toronto’s LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) has some nice summer markdowns on very versatile (and comfy-looking) pieces. I really love this Jasmine dress – the crossover is very flattering and I just love a swirly skirt – with pockets! – in the summer. I’d pair that with this supernice Daisy cardigan – short in front, nice and long in back. (more…)

Spring Cleaning Series: Store Your Winter Clothes!

Closet1sqSoon, very soon, you will be able to take your bulky winter coat and put it where you won’t have to even LOOK at it for six months. Your boots will be banished, your sweaters hidden from sight, and as for those itchy long johns, you can pretend they don’t exist. At least, till next winter. And next winter will, sadly, come. BUT WE SHALL NOT SPEAK OF THAT. Instead, let’s make it a Thing: The Ceremonial Storing Of The Winter. (more…)

I swear it’s gonna be Spring soon….

The calendar says so. Look.


This has been a very long, very cold, very snowy winter. And in your house, you now have several…. ISSUES.  The bottom of the hall closet is covered with dirt and salt. All your winter coats are covered with a filmy greyish-white dust. The air is stale and staticky.  It’s time for a Spring Cleaning, and here comes a series of posts to help you with just that – for everything from sorting and storing your seasonal wardrobes to refreshing your soul. Look for the full series!

1. Store Your Winter Clothes (AKA Banish the Boots!) Friday, March 21

2. Ecofriendly Spring Cleaning Tuesday, March 25

3. Spring Clean Your Soul – Coming Thursday, April 3

Can’t wait to see what you think!



Pretty and Sustainable Lav And Kush Dresses

It’s spring, and my fancy is finally turning from boots and winter coats to pretty, frilly spring things. There is no better place to start your search than at the lovely Vancouver-based Lav And Kush. They have lots of dresses that are pretty, and feminine, and stylish – check out the ruffly Sweetie Dress (on sale!) or this gorgeous, exotic silk halter dress – can’t you just imagine putting this on for a champagne cocktail on a beautiful, humid evening in July? (more…)

Baby’s Chic in Hemp IsaBooties!

Finding eco-friendly footwear is always an exercise in frustration, for big people as well as little teeny newborn people. True, it’s difficult for many fabrics to withstand the daily grind of being ground in to the ground by thousands of steps, day after day, so shoes do have to be made of tougher stuff at times. And when you’re talking about baby shoes, you’re also talking about having shoes that can tolerate getting grubby and being washed over and over and over again. (more…)

LABEL boutique – ecofriendly clothing

We expect a lot of our clothing. Or at least, we should. Especially good, pricey, designer stuff. It should make you look good, for one. Good clothing should make the observer notice the wearer, not the worn. And good clothing should also make you feel good. That feeling good comes in a number of forms, from feeling confident about the way you look to feeling ecofriendly and responsible about the choices you’re making as a consumer.

Not feeling it with your current brands? Then you really need to check out LABEL. Their line is specific and exclusive, with a total of 10 pieces (plus various colour options) available.  This means that each piece is made with a great deal of consideration and forethought for design, wearability, usability and versatility. Take, for example, the Wrap Dress at left. Made from 93% sustainable bamboo and 7% spandex for stretchability and wearability, this dress will flatter virtually any shape and can be mixed and matched as a wardrobe staple with any number of styles. All of the pieces in the LABEL closet are made that way: LABEL is “a collection of clothing perfectly suited to creative contemporary women looking for room to interpret current trends. LABEL resists the urge to define its wearers, but instead invites the wearer to define the clothing. LABEL reinvents the basics, inspiring and encouraging generous styling and wardrobe play.”

All LABEL clothing is made wherever possible with natural, organic, renewable or reclaimed fibers. All pieces are made locally by fairly paid contractors. And this part I love: LABEL minimizes waste by donating all fabric scraps to a local artist who incorporates them into handmade stuffed creatures. Heart!

But even knowing all that awesome eco- and socially-friendly stuff, with styles like this gorgeous, statement-making Cape or this fabulously versatile Cardigan (both made from Tencel – a wood based fiber – and wool) it’s obvious that the point with LABEL is really the clothes. Want!

Interested? Check out their online store. And here’s a special bonus for ecochick readers: Simply enter the code “ecochick” in the coupon line in your shopping cart when shopping at LABEL and enjoy 20% off your purchase. Now that’s smart!

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