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ecochick.caAre you in charge of getting promotional items for your company? Then you need to check out Earth Imprints. Based in Squamish, BC, Earth Imprints has a wide range of products suitable for branding that are also suitable for the earth. You can order something as simple as Lanyards made with recycled yarn, or something as unique as wheatgrass grow kits. There are hemp or organic cotton tote bags, water bottles, soy candles… basically, everything that you usually get for an employee promo item or to take to trade shows, except everything is eco-friendly, so has less impact on the planet than traditional items. Nice!

You can find everything at Earth Imprints and follow their newsy Blog here.

CES goes green

One of the main beefs ecochick has with society as a whole is the outrageous waste that happens when a whole bunch of humans get together in one place. You put 300 people on an airplane, and you end up with 300 empty plastic trays, cups, knives, forks, spoons, plastic wrap, napkins, etc. all heading for the landfill. You put 140,000 geeks in an exhibit hall in Las Vegas for a conference, and you can only imagine what’s generated. Empty plastic water bottles, fast food containers, castoff swag, brochures… the list goes on.

This year, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (also known as CES) has made a very conscious, deliberate effort to go green. Among their initiatives, they have done the following (taken from the CES blog:

  • In partnership with Discovery Channel’s Planet Green network (launching soon), we’re making CES carbon neutral by working with CarbonFund will invest in energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation projects to offset the emissions created by every inch of CES space, all show freight, the shuttle buses and 600,000 hotel rooms will be offset via investments. (In fact, we’re quite proud to say that CES will be the largest carbon neutral tradeshow EVER!)
  • Most of (75%) of the food containers and utensils used at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) will be fully biodegradable.
  • More recycling containers throughout the show floor.
  • All leftover food and beverages from the LVCC will be donated to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.
  • Recycled carpet used in the Central Hall of the LVCC.
  • Post-consumer recycled paper with soy ink will be used for all attendee literature.
  • Non-hazardous cleaning solvents and soaps will be used by the LVCC staff.
  • All light bulbs, batteries and electronics used will be recycled.
  • More conference sessions dedicated to the environment, the Sustainable Technologies TechZone in South Hall and the Emerging Countries Program, which also focuses on sustainable development.

Nice. And ecochick will be there, bringing to you the latest in Green Innovation. See you in Vegas!


The holidays are coming, and companies want to thank their loyal employees for all their hard work in the past year. Some will give cash, and some will give swag. And if you’re really lucky, your swag will be environmentally friendly, perhaps from Ecomark Premiums. They have tons of great items, from organic cotton or bamboo garments that can be customized with logos or slogans, to unique environmental gifts such as bamboo towels. You can even make your next conference giveaways environmentally friendly, with items such as biodegradeable golf tees, recycled yo-yos or the biodegradable stress ballons you see here!

Ecomark has a specific environmental rating system so that you know whether your chosen items are just a little green, or superelectric neon green. They’ll also tell you what the top promotional items are, and what your green alternative is. Ecomark’s covered all the bases in making it easy for your corporate promotional items to be green.

You can find Ecomark items by contacting them at sales at opm-premiums dot com.


Books, books, books. ecochick is addicted to books. They’re entertaining, they’re stimulating, they’re portable! They’re also made of paper which, more often than not, is made from virgin forest. This is not so good.

Eco-Libris wants to do something about this. They have taken the initiative to help book-lovers even out the environmental scale. You can go to their website, choose how many books you want to even out, and purchase stickers for your books. For each sticker you purchase, a tree is planted by their planting partners in developing regions such as Central America and Africa. The planting partners also manage and monitor the planting sites afterwards to ensure optimal health. The stickers are made from recycled materials and non-toxic inks. From Eco-Libris:

Eventually and hopefully sooner then later, books will be made from recycled paper or other eco-friendly materials and logging for paper will stop. On that day we’ll happily move on to a new cause, but until then we think every book reader should take action. We also don’t forget the responsibility of the book publishing industry to the current situation and we intend to become a strong voice in a call for change towards printing books in an eco-friendly manner.”

It’s inexpensive, it’s easy, and it’s a great idea. If you’re giving books for Christmas, why not slap an Eco-Libris sticker on the cover and impress your friends with your ecoresponsibility? You can buy EcoLibris stickers on their website. Happy reading!

Clean Slate Organic Blanks

Everybody loves swag. ecochick herself wears her Blogger t-shirt loud and proud. Distribution of clothes proudly emblazoned with your logo not only generates brand loyalty, it’s a great way to advertise – or even just promote morale on your team. But how do you ensure your swag is sustainable?

Vancouver based Clean Slate” provides it all: talented graphic designers to help you achieve the look you want; great price (as low as $12 per t-shirt!), and shirts manufactured with 95% organic cotton! Shirts come in a range of styles and colours, from plain tees to golf shirts and even hoodies. Prices are in US dollars, but don’t worry: Current exchange rates are taken into account when setting the prices.

So why not spread a little organic love when you create your corporate swag?