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Stay Sun Safe: ecochick.ca Top Sunscreen Tips

Gosh, isn’t summer wonderful? We spent the entire weekend out in the hot hot sun. And remembering some old sun protection habits that we’ve forgotten for the last several long, cold months. We want to enjoy the wonderful outdoorsy-ness of summer, but we want to make sure we’re sun safe. For us, that involves an arsenal of shade, physical coverage, and sunscreens. And we’ve learned a few things along the way. Before you grab the first bottle of goop off the drugstore shelf: Not all sunscreens are created equal, by a long shot. Make sure you check these handy ecochick.ca Sunscreen Tips to ensure you have a great – and safe – day in the sun! (more…)

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Sometimes the universe sends you messages of synergy. Have you ever had that happen? You keep running in to the same person, over and over and over. Or you are doing something in one part of your life and something curiously pops up from another part. I see these patterns as little messages from the universe, little favours to say “pay attention”. (more…)

Pretty and Sustainable Lav And Kush Dresses

It’s spring, and my fancy is finally turning from boots and winter coats to pretty, frilly spring things. There is no better place to start your search than at the lovely Vancouver-based Lav And Kush. They have lots of dresses that are pretty, and feminine, and stylish – check out the ruffly Sweetie Dress (on sale!) or this gorgeous, exotic silk halter dress – can’t you just imagine putting this on for a champagne cocktail on a beautiful, humid evening in July? (more…)


So, if you go to the Ottawa Farmers’ Market on Sundays at Landsdowne, you see a gorgeous range of stands. Stands with local fruits and vegetables and meats, some organic. Stands with delicious food to eat then and there. Pretty crafts. And some stands, you walk by them and you smell them before you see them.. the smell of lovely lavender and cinnamon and sweet essential oils.

uFabu is one of those stands.

The gorgeous, indulgent scent is but one reason you should walk in to the uFabu stand, though. There are lots of other reasons, all evident in the beautiful layout of products available.

The quirky, fun, oh-so-stylish (as in, you totally want your friends to see your bath stuff cause it’s so stylin) labels identify their selection of products, categorized by UnderWater (bath salts, soaks and soaps), SkinDeep (creams, rubs, even zinc sunscreens) and In The Mirror (face stuff – scrubs, lip balms).  Eco-friendly, organic as much as possible, preservative-free, look gorgeous on your bathroom or vanity shelf, and beautiful, peace-invoking scents all mean that these products are truly ones you should covet. Of course, if that wasn’t enough: Canadian. Local to the National Capital region. But if you’re not lucky enough to live here, they also conveniently have an online store.

Origins Online: Free full-size cleanser with $30 order

There’s lots of specials and discounts going on today – Earth Day! One nice one in my inbox was from Origins – get a free full size cleanser with your $30 Online order – just use the appropriate offer code at checkout, shown in the image at left. And, if you purchase any A Perfect World moisturizer until April 30 and Origins will plant a tree on your behalf. Nice!

Kaia Bamboo facial cleansing cloths: Ecofriendly travel cleaning

In a neverending quest to eco-friendlify the daily routines, I’ve made lots of small changes. Instead of using cotton balls to remove eye makeup, for example, I’ll just put some eye makeup remover on a facecloth. Easy peasy. But what happens in a hotel or on the road, when you don’t want to leave black eye makeup stains on someone else’s facecloths?

These bamboo facial cleansing cloths from kaia solve that problem elegantly. These neat little gems are made with 100% bamboo and come in a packet of 30 unbleached, pre-moistened cloths, soaked with goodness like 8 pure citrus essential oils, Canadian organic honey, sunflower seed oil and oat amino acids. And they work like a charm, whisking away the toughest eye makeup and leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth afterwards. If you check out their website, you can learn more about Kaia’s philosophy and ingredients too… nice to read an ingredient list that explains exactly what’s in a product and why, for a change.

Check these links to find where to buy online or in store.

Aveda Stylists Must-Have Offers: Free samples!

Interested in trying out new Aveda products? Today only, you can moisturize and strengthen hair with two free treatment samples: Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy Treatment, plus Free Shipping with all orders over $25. Simply enter offer code REMEDY9 at checkout.

Why Aveda? Many of their lines contain organic and naturally derived ingredients. Packaging is recycled and recyclable. And several of their products have been granted the coveted Cradle to Cradle sustainability endorsement (including some Dry Remedy products!):

Cradle to Cradle product certifications… recognize Aveda’s recent extraordinary efforts to develop products and processes that conform to the world’s most advanced standards for intelligent design, sustainable stewardship and reuse of materials.

And free samples don’t hurt.

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