Nayla Natural Care: ecofriendly right from the start

A big ecochick welcome to a new entry in the ecofriendly Mama and Baby scene: Nayla Natural Care. This Ottawa-based online shop carries excellent natural products for maternity, breastfeeding, feeding, bath and body, and outdoors. The team tests every product they feature on the website, so you know that you’re getting the real scoop (they even rejected a few items they didn’t like!)

Nayla carries products from 20 different natural lines including All Things Jill, Fresh Baby, Kiddopotamus, Three Lollies and a whole whack more. Their site allows you to create or view a gift registry, and you can also buy gift certificates if you’re unsure of what to get. And you can always check out their blog to see what’s new and exciting.

Nayla Natural Care ships across Canada, so check them out!

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Towels: Where have they been all my life

Another excellent find from Arbour Environmental Shoppe: gorgeous, squashy, soft Coyuchi Towels. One of the things I really enjoy about searching for eco-products is finding something that totally outclasses the non-ecofriendly version in every way, and these towels are completely in that category. Soft and thick, with thousands of thirsty loops of organic cotton, these towels are a luxury.

Coyuchi certified organic cotton is grown in India by family cooperatives, ensuring a fair price for the growers as well as protecting everyone (farmers, manufacturers, and you) from toxic agricultural chemicals. (You can view Coyuchi’s video “The Conventional Trap” which outlines the difficulties faced by cotton farmers in India under the “about us” section of their website to learn more.)

Coyuchi towels come in a range of colours and sizes, including the 28″x54″ bath towel and the 35″x65″ bath sheet, which means you’ll be able to find something perfect for your home.

You can find Coyuchi products at many retailers across the US and Canada – simply click the “store locator” link on their website.

Tashodi: Fair Trade and Totally Stylish Body Products

If you never want to go to a department store again to buy makeup or skin care products, it’s getting to the point where that wish can be granted. Natural shops are cropping up everywhere, with products ranging from body washes to soaps to lip balms to everything in between. Shops like Tashodi.

Tashodi’s creator, Natascha Rey, used her background in Fair Trade practices, Chinese and Homeopathic medicines, Aromatherapy and Reflexology to create a line of products from natural, fair trade ingredients. There’s a range of Pure and Certified Fair Trade Lip & Cheek Tints, pretty Body Bars, SLS-free Foam Washes, Fair Trade Body Scrubs and Pure Bath Soaks in a range of funky scents like “Tea & Lemon” and “Green Coffee” (imagine how good that smells!). You can also get nice gift sets like the one pictured above, which has a whole bunch of sample size Tashodi products all in a portable clutch made from native Canadian Birch (how cool is that?).

Tashodi also creates a Tashodi Bebe line with a Tip To Toe Wash or Bar and a Bebe Organic Massage Bar (neat!) which means you can shop for both you and your kidlet in one spot.

You can see all the products at their website and you can buy everything you want at their Online Store.

simply. sweet, silky handmade soaps

Looking for a new soap alternative, one that’s more organic, less mass produced, more fun? Toronto based simply. creates a delicious range of fair trade, organic soaps using products such as olive, coconut, palm kernel and sunflower oils, and scented with essential oils in a range of fantastic flavours – patchouli, tangerine, peppermint, cinnamon, the list goes on. The creator of simply. has a background in herbalism and aromatherapy, and applied this knowledge to create her beautiful line of products including:

soap: a rich, moisturizing bar created to clean and gently enrich your skin.
body polish: organic sugar blended with nourishing oils to leave your skin looking fresh and feeling smooth.
body butter: fair trade shea and cocoa butter hand-blended to create a rich, chocolate scented moisturizer.

There’s plenty of advantages to using simply.soaps: since they are handmade, they retain their naturally occurring glycerin and therefore remain far more moisturizing than your average store-bought soap. And with vitamin E playing a dual role, as skin nutrient and as a natural preservative, these soaps will leave your skin feeling better than you’d ever expect.

simply. products are available at various shops across Canada.

Natalie Carrière McGowan had a challenge. She had triplets on the way and wanted to find natural, environmentally friendly products to use when they arrived. She found lots of great products online, but thought, you know, that would have been a lot easier had there just been one site where I could have found it all.

So after she gave birth to her triplets, she gave birth to, where tons of great environmentally friendly products are available in one online location. carries great lines like Druide, BornFree baby bottles, Imagiplay toys and much more. Located in ecochick’s local burb of Ottawa, ships across Canada. They also recently opened a kiosk for those of you who prefer to shop in person. also has a blog where she tells you about store news and cool initiatives like Goods4Girls which is helping to provide reusable sanitary products to women in Africa.

You can find and buy all her great products at!

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