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Honest.com Hand SoapThere’s so much out there for the Holidays, but it’s really important to me to give something that people will love.  Otherwise, it’s wasteful, and waste is a drag. Plus, knowing that your loved one is enjoying your gift is just the greatest feeling.   The best way to ensure you’re giving something someone else will love? Knowing you already love it yourself.



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We Love Honest.com

Sometimes the universe sends you messages of synergy. Have you ever had that happen? You keep running in to the same person, over and over and over. Or you are doing something in one part of your life and something curiously pops up from another part. I see these patterns as little messages from the universe, little favours to say “pay attention”. (more…)

Organic Surge goodies: Earth Week Giveaway #5

And the lucky recipient of the Organic Surge goodies is Christie who said…

Ooh, you had me at Bergamot – I love bergamot – so the tropical bergamot shower gel!

email me at talk at ecochick dot ca, Christie! Good luck next time, ecochicks!

Hey ecochicks!

Our final giveaway for this week is a set of gorgeous goodies from the United Kingdom’s Organic Surge. These wonderful combinations of products are made with 99% naturally derived ingredients with certified organic essential oils. They leave out parabens, SLS, sulfates, synthetic perfume and plenty of other nasties, leaving in plant extracts and all kinds of other goodness. And I have a gift pack for you to try out! The pack includes:

Citrus mint shampoo. There are lots of minty shampoos on the market – they’re wonderful because they have such a nice fresh feeling on the scalp! This one is less minty than some, so it’s lighter and very, very nice.

Next, Tropical Bergamot shower gel is a fresh, pretty gel that leaves your skin clean and soft.

But my clear favourite out of the gift pack is the Lavender and Geranium hand lotion. I never would have thought to put lavender and geranium together as a scent combination – and it really, really works. The two scents compliment each other gorgeously, resulting in a wholly natural, lovely fragrance. And the cream is very nice too!

You want the gift pack? Just head on over to Organic Surge (it’s the UK site but they have all of the products listed there) and tell me what new products sound good to you! Post back here by Friday, May 1 and make sure you leave me a way to contact you, and random.org may just say this gift pack is yours.

Organic Surge products are available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart.

It’s been an awesome week here at ecochick, with all kinds of great giveaways and awesome visitors to the site. Welcome back all of you who’ve been here for a while, and welcome to everyone who just discovered the site this week – I hope you stick around! Don’t forget to subscribe to the ecochick feed, and if you have any feedback for me you can comment or email me at talk at ecochick dot ca. Happy eco-living!

Origins Bag and Ginger Scrub: Earth Week Giveaway #4

And the lucky recipient of the Origins giveaway is Susan R who said…

Hey Shannie,

I was actually making a mental list on Earth Day of the changes that I’ve already made to try and be a little cleaner and greener. Here’s my list of some of the biggies:

1) No chemical cleaners in da’ house – vinegar, BS, Dr, Bonner’s and essential oils. Sure, my house sometimes smells like a fish and chips shop but it beats the “I think I’m gonna pass out from the Tilex fumes” alternative.

2) Organic food where possible – especially fruit and veg. I order a basket from http://www.ottawaorganics.com. Fresh organic produce, as local as the season allows, delivered right to my door, which also saves on the gas it would take for me to drive to the grocery store – bonus!

3) Cannot remember the last time I got a plastic bag at any store. People whinge and complain that Loblaws are now charging for plastic…how can they be expected to remember their green bags all the time? Um..put them in your trunk, bring them into the store, fill them up, take them home, empty them out, put them back in the trunk. University degree not required.

4) I compost. I recycle – whatever and wherever I can. Big box stores -Best Buy, in particular – is great for old electronics and used batteries.

In the upcoming year, I’m planning on switching my hot water heating over to solar. I think those funky panels in my roof will be quite stylin’. See http://www.solsmart.com. I’m also investing in a rainwater collection tank to water the lawn and plants when (read: if!) summer arrrives.

Bring on the eco-volution!

Congrats Susan R and good luck next time, peeps!

“No, no! Say it ain’t so! Not another giveaway! It’s TOO MUCH!” I can hear you all wailing. Well, you’ll just have to get over it because today I have two treats for you from Origins.

It’s no secret around here that Origins is one of my favourite brands. While they are a “big” brand, I’ve always appreciated the fact that they are continually trying to improve their products and provide consumers with high-quality alternatives to regular department store products. Combine this with their fun and innovative blends and the Origins counter is one I find myself spending lots of time at.

Today I have two treats for you from Origins. One: A jar of their gorgeous Ginger Body Scrub. This amazing little tub contains skin-scouring Dead Sea Salts and warming Ginger Zest buffered in emollient-rich Macadamia Oil, Soybean Oil, Kukui Nut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. This combination, when slathered on dry, flaky skin, scrubs away all the old and leaves bright, healthy, moisturized new skin in its place. It’s luxuriant and feels wonderful, and will leave you moisturized for hours. (Just don’t wipe out when you’re getting out of the tub… this stuff is slippery!)

And keeping that jar safe is treat number two: A limited edition Origins I Don’t Get Wasted organic cotton reusable bag as shown at left. Big, with sturdy handles, this bag will carry even your heaviest grocery loads and stand up for more.

What do you have to do to get these treats? You just have to comment below and tell me What change you’re making to your lifestyle after Earth Day. Are you switching to post-consumer recycled paper products in your home? Are you going to plant an organic veggie garden in the back yard? Whatever it is, post it below by Thursday, April 30. I’ll pick a name through Random.org. Don’t forget to leave me contact information… and good luck!

New stuff at Lilou Organics!

If you’re looking for an all-Canadian source for your natural and eco-friendly beauty care needs, you need to remember Lilou Organics. Based in Ontario, Lisa and Brian maintain a gorgeous inventory of products from lines you will love (if you don’t already) – Dr Hauschka, John Masters Organics, Suki and much more. And they’ve just added loads of great new products to the inventory.

Check out this UV Natural Sunscreen – I promise you can pronounce every single ingredient on the label. Try that with drugstore sunscreens!

If you’re a mama or mama-to-be, you might be interested in some great Earth Mama Angel Baby products, such as this great Tea Sampler which has USDA Certified Organic teas for every trimester – Morning Wellness Tea for T1, Heartburn Tea for the whole thing, Peaceful Mama tea to quell those stressed nerves, and Third Trimester Tea to help your body prepare for delivery day.

Or perhaps if you’re looking for a new skin care regime, you could try this amazing Juice Beauty Organics to Go Clear Skin starter kit. Containing a 30 day supply of their cleansing regime including Cleansing Gel, Green Apple Peel, Blemish Clearing Serum and Oil Free Moisturizer, this is everything you need to give your skin a fresh start.

You can shop for all this awesomeness and more at the Lilou Organics web site. And remember, there’s free shipping on orders over $100 within Canada. Nice!

Green Beaver Winter Body Product Giveaway!

Green Beaver on ecochickAnd the winner of the Green Beaver giveaway is stsammy who said…

The Apres-Ski Face Cream is exactly what I need right now! My face is already starting to winterize since the furnaces have turned on… this sounds like just the ticket (and perfect for my cross-country skiing! I want the burn in my legs, not on my cheeks!)

Congratulations stsammy! Please email me at talk at ecochick ca to claim your gift!

We’ve talked about Green Beaver before. This wonderful, all-Canadian line creates natural products without chemical preservatives, dyes, perfumes – basically any chemical compounds are big no-nos in any Green Beaver product. Their products are 100% Natural, Biodegradeable, Vegan and Gluten-free. And that is very good for you.

There are those of us who love summer, and there are those of us who hate winter. And then there are the really crazy among us who go outside willingly in winter and… do things like ski and skate and snowboard and basically expose themselves to all the elements while people like me huddle under the blanket. So if you’re one of those people, you will probably greatly appreciate Green Beaver’s Apres-Ski Winter Body Products, including their Winter Body Lotion with colloidal oatmeal for deep moisturizing, Winter Bath Therapy, also with oatmeal to soothe dry, itchy skin; Winter Hand Balm with beeswax and shea butter; and Winter Lip Balm with Aloe and Vitamin E. If you use these products, your skin will look as healthy and non-chapped as if you just spent the week at a spa, rather than in the frigid Canadian north. And oh, look: I have all of those things to give away. Simply comment on this post by Wednesday, October 29 and let me know which Green Beaver product sounds the most delicious to you, and why. And then you might be the lucky giveaway winner of this awesome Green Beaver set!

Can’t wait for the giveaway? Then you should check out Green Beaver’s online retailers or find a store near you.

Pistachio: Environmentally Conscious and Engaged with Life

From their website:

“Pistachio is about creating, using, and reusing things intelligently, about wasting less, and about putting good things into and onto our bodies.

We embrace the idea that being environmentally caring doesn’t mean denying, abandoning or refusing the things we love, but rather designing, developing and using products in more informed, eco-friendly ways.”

Amen. And to that end, Toronto based Pistachio carries beautiful products that you will love to use. Pistachio products all have easy to read labels that tells you exactly how their products are good for the environment. They source products that are in some way ethical, local, mission based businesses, businesses that create handmade products, and show an environmental commitment. So when you purchase stuff from Pistachio – and you will – you know that it has been vetted somehow and passed a test as being at least a bit better for the planet than your average product.

Check out their gorgeous Stationery and Invitations, the Apothecary that carries Jurlique, Juice, Pangea and other awesome ecofriendly personal care products, or their Gift Shop that has wonderful, whimsical gifts such as Organic Wool Throw Blankets or Rubberwood Nesting Bowls.

But where oh where can you find Pistachio products? Alas, not online. But you can find them at plenty of locations in and around Toronto, as well as Chapters and Indigo stores across Canada. Yay!

ecochick giveaway: Burt’s Bees School Survival Kit!

Random.Org says the lucky winner of the Burt’s Bees School Survival Kit is elaine who said…

I love the lipbalm the best! It’s the only balm that keeps my lips soft through cold Canadian winters.
Elaine R
Thanks everyone and look for a new Burt’s Bees giveaway soon!

If you have a lip balm addiction (like I do), then you are certain to have heard of Burt’s Bees. Their beeswax lip balm is a staple at ecochick HQ, with a tube in the car, in the kitchen drawer, in the bedside table and in the handbag. It keeps my lips from drying out in a harsh Canadian winter, and it smells divine – almost like minty vanilla. But did you know there is actually a Burt? And he keeps bees? Who’da thunk it?

Burt’s Bees has a wide range of products derived from natural ingredients including beeswax. They have several lines including a natural remedies line, a facial care line targeted to skin types, a robust line of baby care products, and plenty, plenty more.

And here’s the fun part. I have a Burt’s Bees School Survival Kit to give away – wheee! This awesome little kit contains sample sizes of Peppermint Shower soap, Citrus Facial Scrub, Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme, Doctor Burt’s Herbal Blemish Stick, Milk and Honey Body Lotion, and of course a tube of their beeswax lip balm. I’m kind of wondering why I chose to give this one away, actually. It’s that awesome. So enter the giveaway before I change my mind. :) Simply leave me a note in the comments telling me what your favourite Burt’s Bees product is. The winner will be drawn randomly on Friday, October 10, so check back and see if you’re a winner!

And of course – all Burt’s Bees products can be purchased on their website or at a store near you.

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