Talk about child labour. But somehow, we don’t think 15 month old Trinity Doiron of Victoria, British Columbia, seems to mind. She has already established a lucrative career as a baby product tester. With assistance from Kate and Jeff Doiron, Trinity provides all quality assurance for EthicBaby.

Ethicbaby carries a wide variety of baby and toddler products, from clothing to bedding to toys. All have their own brand of environmental friendliness – from nontoxic wood toys, to sustainable bamboo pyjamas and bedding, to organic baby hats and plenty more.

As the name implies, Ethicbaby makes every business decision with a commitment towards ethical and social responsibility, sourcing their products from organic brands and working with ethical quality assurance organizations. As a result, you can use their products for your baby with the knowledge that you’re buying what’s best for her, and for the planet!

And did we mention cute? Come on – Organic Cotton baby yoga pants? Seriously. To die for.

All Ethicbaby products are available via their website and shippable within Canada.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Your baby has a bottom. A very busy bottom. And you, as a mama ecochick, want to ensure you’re using the best possible products on that bottom. This is when you should try out Earth Mama Angel Baby. In their attractive jars you will find amazing, all-natural concoctions including their Angel Baby Bottom Balm.

Open the jar and you will discover the fresh, bright scent of tea tree oil and lavender. This smooth salve is slightly slick – it isn’t thick or waxy, so it goes on extremely well. It has great staying power once it’s applied, and the scent is very light and pleasant tucked under your tiny chick’s diaper.

This stuff is so amazing, it also doubles as a first aid balm for minor cuts and scrapes even after baby doesn’t need it anymore. And of course, its products are all natural, organic and even vegan. Now that’s something to flap about.

You can get Earth Mama Angel Baby products through their website, or through lilou organics in Canada.

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