Tashodi: Fair Trade and Totally Stylish Body Products

If you never want to go to a department store again to buy makeup or skin care products, it’s getting to the point where that wish can be granted. Natural shops are cropping up everywhere, with products ranging from body washes to soaps to lip balms to everything in between. Shops like Tashodi.

Tashodi’s creator, Natascha Rey, used her background in Fair Trade practices, Chinese and Homeopathic medicines, Aromatherapy and Reflexology to create a line of products from natural, fair trade ingredients. There’s a range of Pure and Certified Fair Trade Lip & Cheek Tints, pretty Body Bars, SLS-free Foam Washes, Fair Trade Body Scrubs and Pure Bath Soaks in a range of funky scents like “Tea & Lemon” and “Green Coffee” (imagine how good that smells!). You can also get nice gift sets like the one pictured above, which has a whole bunch of sample size Tashodi products all in a portable clutch made from native Canadian Birch (how cool is that?).

Tashodi also creates a Tashodi Bebe line with a Tip To Toe Wash or Bar and a Bebe Organic Massage Bar (neat!) which means you can shop for both you and your kidlet in one spot.

You can see all the products at their website and you can buy everything you want at their Online Store.

Sweetpea Baby Food: This is no jarred food, baby!

Every mom starts out with big ambitions: you’re going to hand-blend your baby food, you’re going to use all healthy, local, fresh organics, and you’re going to freeze it in batches, all ready for when baby starts eating solids. Then the reality of having an infant sets in and you’re lucky if you get your teeth brushed in the morning, let along creating hand-blended organic frozen cubes of baby food.

That’s why Sweetpea Baby Food does the job for you. Another baby business born out of need, as one of the founding moms was experimenting with healthy food blends for her own child and voila! a business was born. Sweetpea foods use all organic, natural ingredients, and everything is wheat and soy free with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. They have foods suitable for 6+ month and 8+month babies, ranging from yummy Banana Blueberry to Sweet Potato, Veggies and Chicken, and more. They come in individual cubes to suit babies with all appetites, and the website even has great ideas to mix and match the flavours in plenty of different recipes to expand your baby’s food repertoire.

Sweetpea Baby Food is available across Canada as listed on their website.

Baby Boomba

ecochick does not have a child. But if she did, this kid would be totally stylin, what with all the awesome eco-baby shops that are around in Canada.

Take Baby Boomba for example. (And try not to get mesmerised by the unbelievable cuteness of the baby who’s the model on the pages. I stared for at least 20 minutes, completely lobotomized.) Anyway, baby boomba has a ton of very cute baby products, and at least a couple of their items are made with sustainable fabrics, such as these totally awesome, customizeable onesies made from organic cotton or bamboo. You choose your preferred fabric, style and colour, then select the graphic, and you’re good to go with your unique, whimsical onesie!

They also offer awesome eco-blankies, made from bamboo and cool, funky cotton patterns. And until you touch bamboo fabric, you won’t realize how soft and lovely to the touch it is. They’re a good size, ecofriendly and uber-cool to see.

They do carry several other items which are made from standard fabrics and materials. You can shop all their products online, and they’re shippable across Canada!


Toronto based Soleado Casa has an aim: To make your home a safer place to live, while reducing waste. To that end, Chief Mama Tracy Hodges creates all-natural cleaning supplies for you to use around your home. She’s taken everything into account – for example, she searched high and low for the perfect spray bottle, one that will both be easy to use but that will also not overdispense product. She blends an entire line of cleaning supplies for you to use, including a Natural Spray and Wipe with Tea Tree oil, good for anywhere in your home, and with the fresh scent of tea tree oil it is particularly good in stinky places like diaper pails or garbage cans. There’s also their crisp, citrusy Natural All Purpose Cleaner, with all natural, chemical-free ingredients and an organic, biodegradeable soap base.

If you’re interested in trying out all of the products, you can purchase the awesome Cleaning Caddy which has the Natural Spray and Wipe, Natural All Purpose Cleaner, a jar of their awesome Tub Scrub (made from baking soda, organic soap, vegetable glycerin and citrus essential oils), a bottle of Cleaning Concentrate for refills, an empty bottle with a recipe for homemade window cleaner (awesome idea!) and a set of microfiber cleaning cloths. Each cloth is made for a different purpose – dusting, glass and mirror, kitchen and bathroom, and general cleaning – and because they’re specially made for surfaces, you use less product. Nice! The caddy costs $30, and like all of their products is available online. Shipping is always a flat rate of $7 anywhere in Canada!

They also make a great line of Baby and Mama products, such as a sweet Sunny Mum Kit for new moms to help in the healing process, or a Sunny Bum Kit for a newborn’s delicate rear. All of their products are extremely reasonably priced and definitely worth trying out in your home – swing by their website and see if you like what you find!


Have you heard of Etsy? It’s an online marketplace for people across the world to sell their handmade wares. Which, by nature, makes it just a little bit more ecofriendly than most mass-produced items. ecochick’s done a little search work for you and found some of the coolest Etsy ecofriendly stuff – all made in Canada.

Montreal’s Organic Quilt Company makes amazing, beautiful handmade baby quilts, made with naturally-dyed, chemical-free organically-grown cottons, pre-washed in chlorine/phosphate free laundry soap so they’re ready to go. With quilts, blankets and burping cloths in a variety of styles and colours, you will definitely find something that works for you or as a gift. These are the kind of blankets that kids would have as a keepsake their entire lives.

Inkyspider makes a selection of textiles out of organic cotton, hemp, and other materials out of her Britich Columbia base. They are naturally handscreened with funky, earthy designs, with products ranging from baby and kids’ tees, to adult clothes, to napkins to cushion covers to neat reusable gift bags (a great way to avoid using non-recyclable wrapping paper!) and plenty more.

SudsMuffin (which is possibly the best name I have ever heard for a company, ever) makes lots of handmade soaps from their base in Saint John, New Brunswick. One of their soaps, called Buzz and Munch, is made with local goat’s milk, honey, and ground oatmeal. They also “infuse every batch of soap [they] make with raw, wild-crafted peacesilk, harvested from abandoned cocoons.” I have no idea what this means, but it sounds amazing. A gigantic bar of Buzz and Munch costs $6 and can be cut into smaller bars for use everywhere.

ecochick’s Nova Scotia roots were stirred into a frenzy of nostalgia visiting this store: Seaglass Designs, based in Dartmouth. I can’t describe this stuff any more eloquently than they can:

Sea glass, also known as beach glass or mermaid’s tears, is nature’s answer to bottles, china and pottery carelessly thrown into the sea many years ago. The glass is tumbled on the ocean floor, smoothed by the waves and sand until it washes up on shore, waiting to be found by a lucky passerby.

This lucky passerby then takes the pieces she finds and works them into beautiful and unique jewelry creations, like the whimsical Tequila Lime piece shown above.

There’s plenty more – simply head to Etsy and search for eco, green, recycled, organic and Canada. Enjoy!

Kai Kids

Oh baby, there are plenty of eco-friendly baby and kid stores popping up out there across Canada. This awesome new trend means it’s making it easier every day for parents to find the products they’re looking for, like babysoy or BornFree. One exciting recent entry to the scene is Toronto’s Kai Kids.

Kai Kids carries a wide range of products from many brands, brands they’ve researched and tested personally to ensure the products are both ethical and great quality. These products are arranged thoughtfully according to what the products are used (Sleep, Bathe, Eat, Wear, Change, Play)- which is super functional, and less frequently seen than sorting according to brand. There’s also an area for Mamas, with funky sustainable maternity clothing and tools for the mama trade like oh-so-glamourous bamboo nursing pads.

There’s an FAQ to help you navigate the various fabrics and terms, and they highlight sale items in the sidebar – oh, the allure of a bargain!

Also, in 2008 they will be donating 1 % of their sales to 1% For The Planet to support two Canadian environmental programs. So spending your funds at KaiKids not only gets you great ecostuff for your family, it helps support great causes.

Excited yet? Check it all out at Kai Kids.


Natalie Carrière McGowan had a challenge. She had triplets on the way and wanted to find natural, environmentally friendly products to use when they arrived. She found lots of great products online, but thought, you know, that would have been a lot easier had there just been one site where I could have found it all.

So after she gave birth to her triplets, she gave birth to ecomama.ca, where tons of great environmentally friendly products are available in one online location. ecomama.ca carries great lines like Druide, BornFree baby bottles, Imagiplay toys and much more. Located in ecochick’s local burb of Ottawa, ecomama.ca ships across Canada. They also recently opened a kiosk for those of you who prefer to shop in person.

ecomama.ca also has a blog where she tells you about store news and cool initiatives like Goods4Girls which is helping to provide reusable sanitary products to women in Africa.

You can find and buy all her great products at ecomama.ca!

Natural Pod

One area where the green initiative has been thoroughly embraced is the market for baby and children’s products. Parents are naturally more worried about what toxic products might do to their children and therefore give the items their children wear, use, and play with far higher scrutiny. Many parents have taken it upon themselves not only to find these items, but to help others find them too. Fantastic baby and kids’ stores featuring natural, ecofriendly products are popping up all over.

One such store is Natural Pod. Natural Pod was created from a desire to find innovative, natural products and bring them to parents and their kids. Natural Pod carries a wide range of very cool products, from PaperPod rockets featured on ecochick, to squishy soft baby toys to these exquisite, handmade to order quilts. Many items are organic in whole or in part, are fair-trade sourced, made from recycled or recyclable materials, or in other ways are more sustainable for your child and for the planet.

On their website the categories are arranged thoughtfully, giving you options for age range (toddler or baby?), type of play (imaginative play? House play?), or toy type (dolls, bath toys, arts and crafts, and plenty more).

Natural Pod is an online store, but they’re located in Vancouver (so Canadian prices and shipping costs – yay!) If you prefer to see before you buy, and if you live in the Vancouver area, you can visit one of their store events. They’ll bring their wares to a central location so that you can check them all out – what a great idea! The schedule is posted here.For the rest of us, we’ll have to content ourselves with the online experience, but don’t worry, they ship across Canada and the U.S.

Babies Natural

More and more, people are turning to natural, environmentally friendly and organic baby items to take care of their wee ones. With the news constantly blasting us with poisonous this and toxic that, it’s not much wonder. And Babies Natural wants to help get you everything you need.

Their exclusive “Goo-cchi Goo” line provides you with natural, organic baby gear made from bamboo and organic cotton. They provide this exclusive Babies Natural Feng Shui Kimono Onesies, which combine the goodness of natural fabric with the tradition of giving bamboo shoots for good luck. In addition, the Goo-cchi Goo line is all made in Canada.

Babies Natural items are available on their website and various retailers across Canada.

Parenting by Nature

Got a little one on the way and you’re looking for an alternative to landfill-bound disposable diapers? Try Parenting By Nature. They have a wide range of cloth diapering products as well as tons of products for Mama, Baby and Family. They carry both Druide bath care products and Earth Mama Angel Baby products, both of which have been mentioned on ecochick previously so you know they’re environmentally friendly. They also carry Bisphenol A free glass baby bottles – nice!

You can browse the range of products on the Parenting by Nature website and order online.

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