BYO Water with Brita – and provide clean water with ME to WE

BritaMEtoWEIt’s become a habit in our family, and it’s a good one: we fill up a bottle of water to take with us before we go anywhere. We get thirsty, there might not be a water fountain where we’re going, and it gives me physical pain to buy bottled water for any reason. Today, on World Water Day, it’s worthwhile to remember that when it comes to water, we are the luckiest people in the world: We have clean, treated, safe water coming from our taps for pennies a glass. There’s no need to buy water at a huge markup in a petroleum-made plastic bottle that’s been trucked across the country. Just remember to bring your own.

So when the kind folks at Brita offered to send me a beautiful sapphire blue water bottle as part of their joint ME to WE initiative, I accepted gratefully. Because we’ll use it, and because this isn’t just any regular water bottle. When you buy this bottle, it gives one year of clean water to a WE village in Irkaat, Kenya. They’re building a series of water wells – a borehole – through the ME to WE foundation, providing over 1800 people with access to clean water. A fundamental need, all funded by this very special water bottle.

And because it’s Brita, it’s an extra-good water bottle. It means you can fill it up from any tap anywhere and the built-in filter will remove any chlorine taste and particulates so that it tastes as good as any water anywhere. Of course, properly treated municipal water containing chlorine and particulates is absolutely clean and safe. However, many people prefer to remove extra flavours from their water, and Brita’s filter helps you do that. The 700ml size will quench even the thirstiest post-soccer athletes, and bringing your own water means saving hundreds of dollars on purchasing water. Let’s put water companies out of business, shall we?

So I want you to take a pledge today, on World Water Day. I want you to pledge to never buy bottled water, and to make a new habit of filling a bottle before you leave the house. Chuck it into the car or the bottom of your bag and remind yourself you’re saving money and the environment. You can even feel a little smug about it. It’s ok. And if it’s this beautiful ME to WE Brita Statement bottle, it will remind you every day of the people in Kenya who will now have access to clean, safe water too – the most basic human right of all.

The limited edition Me To We Brita Statement Bottle is now available widely including at Real Canadian Superstores, Real Atlantic Superstores, Wal-Mart, Loblaws and Zehrs locations across Canada.

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  1. carolyn
    June 18, 2017 at 9:33 am (1 year ago)

    Where I live the water tastes just horrible. My kids won’t drink it no matter what I do.


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