ecobee: A Smart (Canadian!) Thermostat

We’ve all done it.

Left the heat on, I mean.

You head out for the weekend, and then you realize: craaaaaap. I’ve left the heat cranked. (Hey, it was a cold winter!) Heating a completely empty house. $$$ pretty much flying out the air exchanger, not to mention using unnecessary fossil fuels. And the same applies to the air conditioning in the summer. Mmm, delicious power grid failure. Wait, what?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to adjust heating or cooling when you weren’t home?

Enter ecobee. Look at this beautiful piece of household slickness.

The New ecobee Smart Thermostat

The New ecobee Smart Thermostat

This here’s the ecobee3. It’s a smart thermostat, which means:

  • You can reduce your cooling bills and increase comfort through automatic smart scheduling – it figures when you use your temperature controls most then sets it for you!
  • Adjust settings from anywhere – connects to your phone, computer and tablet. No more leaving it cranked when you’re away for the weekend!
  • Easy to install and program (bonus!)
  • Unlike other thermostats, the ecobee3 uses funky little sensors to detect the temperature in rooms other than where the ecobee is located. Meaning ecobee3 can ensure you’re warm or cool in your bedroom, not just in the hallway. The product comes with one sensor, or you can pick up the ecobee3 Smarter Bundle to get two extra sensors. W00t!
  • The ecobee3′s slick, easy to use interface means you can adjust temperature and scheduling easily – on your device or away via the apps.
  • Which, by the way, have a DEMO version if you download it from the app store. Brilliance.

There’s also this adorable ecobeeSmartSi_grandeecobee SmartSi, which does everything the ecobee3 does, just without the slick touch interface. But with a slightly lower price point, you’ll get the convenience of the ecobee without the hit on your credit card.

But I can even help you with that! Because it’s Earth Month, I have a little treat for you – you can save up to $150 on an ecobee thermostat! W00T!

There’s a few steps here, so listen up. First, I have a discount code (h1save25b) to get you $25 off an ecobee thermostat on the ecobee website. (go go go, you need one of these!) Next, if you are a Hydro One customer, they are running a very neat Bring Your Own Thermostat pilot project where you can earn $100 for participating. Finally, you can earn an additional $25 during the project for filling out surveys. Most excellent!

So to recap:

Go to ecobee. Input the code h1save25b at checkout to purchase:

Then sign up for the Bring Your Own Thermostat project to earn $100-$125. Whee!

* Note that in order to participate, you must be a Hydro One customer, and your Wi-Fi thermostat must be connected to a central air conditioning system.  Heat pump systems other than air source are not eligible for the pilot.

Terms and Conditions:  Customers who purchase the ecobee3 or ecobee Smart Si smart thermostat or the ecobee3 Smarter Bundle will receive $25 off by entering the code h1save25b at checkout between April 1 and 30.  If you are a Hydro One customer, you can earn an additional $100 by applying to enroll your thermostat in Hydro One’s Bring Your Own Thermostat pilot program by April 30 and agreeing to let Hydro One make brief, limited adjustments to your Wi-Fi thermostat during times of peak electric demand. You can also earn an additional $25 if you fill out three brief surveys regarding your participation.*

Disclosure: ecochick will be compensated for any sales made during the month of April using the code in this post. Gotta pay the A/C bill somehow.

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  1. Chic Ecologist
    June 4, 2015 at 6:02 pm (3 years ago)

    Very cool. I did an article on Ecobee awhile back for their wifi thermometer before Nest came out- good to see they have upped their game with the EcoBee3!

  2. Tessa
    October 10, 2016 at 12:10 pm (2 years ago)

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