Holiday Shopping at LNBF: ecochick enjoys.

IMG_5844Clothes are fun. Oh my, clothes are fun. But as a busy mom slash businessperson, I also need clothes to be functional.

LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) generously shared a few pieces of their Fall/Winter collection with me.  This is really exciting for a few reasons. 1. New clothes wooo!  2. Ecofriendly clothes wooo!  3. Holiday shopping time wooo! But the question really was, does LNBF stuff stand up to the promise?  Ecofriendly and comfortable? Stylish and durable?

It was a chilly afternoon when I received my parcel from LNBF containing the Maya pant, the Bella cardigan and the Kobi Scarf, all in varying shades of soft, neutral grey. And no time was wasted as I pulled the cardigan out of the bag, snipped off the tags and put it on.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make me happy when it comes to clothes. In the LNBF Bella Cardigan, it was three little things: 1. the arms were long enough, which is often a problem with my gangly frame; 2. the flattering, tailored back wrapping in to the long, nicely detailed front, which is hugely flattering for any flaws *and* allows me to wrap the sweater around me for extra warmth, and 3. POCKETS. Why does nobody put pockets in sweaters? It should be mandatory, especially in the winter. Phones! Kleenex! Anything! So basically, I have worn this sweater constantly now for something like 2 weeks. It should be in every comfort lover’s winter wardrobe.

As for the rest?  The Maya pant is, I have concluded, a grownup yoga pant. You know how yoga pants are awesome and comfy but look like pyjamas if you wear them in public? Well, the Maya pant is awesome and comfy and makes your butt look like a million bucks which is much needed at my age, and can also be worn someplace grownup like work. (I’ll also note that they are a very high waisted trouser, which works for some folks and not for others, so keep that in mind.) They’re warm, soft and low on the wrinkle factor which is really welcome for me. Then the last piece I tried, the Kobi scarf, is the bit that pulled it all together and helped me stay cozy warm during the last cold snap. Substantial enough to block the wind but not so thick to feel claustrophobic, and with a little glitter for jazz, it’s a fabulous Holiday piece.

The pieces are made sustainably out of fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo mixed with fibres like spandex for stretch, which adds to their supercomfortableness which is a word I just made up.

So here are some photos of me outside wearing my fancy LNBF clothing on a blustery day. I dislike having my picture taken so basically these are all shots of me trying not to look like an idiot.  The clothes help. I think.

LNBF2If you like? You should check it out over at LNBF. They’re great, friendly and helpful, and the clothes are lovely. It’s also LNBF’s Black Friday Sale Week, which means you get 30% off all Sale items if you use the code Sale30. It’s a really great chance to do some holiday shopping for your family or friends, or yourself (Hellooo, Taylor Dress) while knowing these pieces are sustainable, stylish and built to last.

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