Well.ca: Happy Well New Year!

The calendar says that the new year starts on January 1. But for me, the new year always starts in September. It’s in my DNA, now: new grades, new classes, new schools, new homes, new beginnings, new lives. For me, it has almost always started in September.

Well.caAnd friendly online retailer Well.ca gets that. That’s why they’re in the middle of their #WellNewYear promotion, because they know that now is the time we stock up on lots of things that we know we’re gonna need throughout the school year (or, if your life doesn’t revolve around the school year anymore, then remember Ned Stark: Winter Is Coming). Well.ca has thousands upon thousands of products – almost anything you could imagine, and shipping is free to most places in Canada on orders of $25 or more.  Mainstream brands are available aplenty, but for us ecochicks they also have a substantial selection of organic and eco-friendly products. It’s great fun to browse, and I’ve found loads of useful items perfect for families getting ready for the fall.

SugarBooger at well.caIf you’re prepping for sending a kid to school for the first time, know that they will be introduced to lots of new routines. One big one at our school was the morning and afternoon snack, with the containers labelled as “1″ and “3″ so the teachers can distinguish which snack the kids should eat in the morning and afternoon. You’ll need a system, and these SugarBooger by O.R.E. Reusable Snack Sacks would be an adorable solution. They’re washable and durable, easy for little fingers to open and close, and the perfect size for some carrot sticks, grapes or goldfish. Just put a cute Mabel’s Label on them to identify as Morning or Afternoon snack and you’re on your way.

Green Beaver Kids Sunscreen Spray At Well.caNow, your littles are still going to be out in the sun on the playground for (we hope) several more weeks, so sun protection is still key. For us, the easiest way to remember this is to keep sunscreen in her backpack, then get a quick blast on to any exposed skin before she dashes in to the classroom. This Green Beaver Sunscreen Sprayis certified organic, non-greasy, and super fun. Just pop a label on and chuck it in the backpack and you’re covered.

J.R. Watkins Powder Laundry Detergent From Well.caAnd as the school year progresses, you’re also gonna be doing piles more laundry. (Sorry.) Between school, swimming lessons, ballet, art class and very necessary playground time, your washing machine is gonna get a workout. But did you know that the majority of environmental impact of an article of clothing happens *after* you take it home? Washing and drying, washing and drying – it takes its toll on the planet. Around here, we use the simplest, most additive-free laundry products we can like this J.R. Watckins Powder Laundry Detergent. Phosphate-free, biodegradable and super efficient – you only need a small scoop for a front loader, which means this box will give you 80 loads. It’s unscented (no artificial fragrances!), but if you prefer a bit of scent you can always put a drop of organic lavender essence in to the rinse cycle. Light and fresh.

And while I was browsing for kid stuff, I couldn’t help but notice a few things I was coveting myself. This Gaiam Flower Power Spring Grass Aluminum Water Bottle is just so pretty, and easy to throw in your bag for water on the go (down with plastic water bottles!). And as winter approaches, I cannot live without lip balm to shield from these cold winter winds. Pick up one of Dr Bronner’s delicious Magic Organic Lip balm in Orange Ginger – it even sounds warm.

What’s your favourite back-to-school must-have? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Anita McKarney
    September 14, 2014 at 10:50 am (4 years ago)

    Cant see the yellow printing very well


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