This Is The Best Weeding Tool Ever.

This photo may not be suitable for all audiences as it shows graphic detail of a dandelion being seized and forcibly removed from its comfortable home in my flower bed and being rehomed in to the compost bag, where long may it wither.

destroy your weedsThere’s more than one old post over here on that is still helpful and relevant. And since it’s spring, and the dandelions are sprouting up their bright yellow heads again, our thoughts inevitably turn to the process of weed killing. So I’m going to extol the virtures of my Weed Hound again, because after six years, my friends, that thing is still kicking ass and taking names – and there is little that is more satisfying than uprooting weeds by hand. There’s a thing with it, something fundamental about ripping out unwanted crap from your lawn or your life that just meets a basic need, you know?

Maybe that’s more about me than about you.

But anyway.

I love tools that are built to last, and this one can lay claim to murdering upwards of four figures worth of dandelions over the years. Just find the root and put the Weed Hound at the base, push it in, twist and voila. Plant is nuked, chemical-free.

You can read my original post wherein i recommend the crap out of this thing right here, or you can just go to Canadian Tire or any other reputable tool-selling place and pick one up for yourself.

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  1. Kelly Horn
    May 19, 2016 at 2:17 pm (2 years ago)

    I would like to know why the weed hound weed garden tool is permanently being discontinued from the manufacturer? There is no way I can contact the manufacturer via email, but only by social media. No stores here in the twin cities has or carry the weed hound. They all say it’s been permanently discontinued as of last year 2015.


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