Create More. Consume Less.

So once upon a time a girl started a blog then she stopped blogging because it didn’t make sense to her anymore. She was featuring lots of nifty products, but consumption seemed to be against the very principles of ecofriendliness she was trying to convey.

Then she realized that the blog didn’t just have to be about consumption. Because life isn’t about consumption. You can shop and eat and stare at a screen all you want, but none of that really makes you feel good and fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the day. It takes creation to do that.

So here’s the new ecochick creedo:

createmoreconsumelessecochickWe still feature stuff. Lots of stuff. But the point of the stuff is to help you facilitate creation. It doesn’t have to be a physical creation (although those are great too). You can create words, or images. You can create a wonderful meal to share with family or friends, built with wholesome, healthy ingredients and love. You can create a wonderful home to fill with love or a gorgeous style to help you feel confident as you head out in to the world. You can create laughter and love and precious memories. And the memories are the most important creations of all.

Because ultimately, consumption isn’t satisfaction. Yes, shopping is great fun (and is a large part of the purpose of this blog), but it has to be conscious consumption. Buy smart. Be aware of what you’re taking home and what you’re putting on and in your bodies. Use what you need, and no more. Yes, pleasure splurges are fun, but they aren’t particularly fulfilling and they hurt when the credit card comes in. What really counts is what you make.

So go forth and create. Create stories or crafts or meals or just plain memories. Every time you want to consume, create first.

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