Be Sun Safe With Nozone Swim Suits

We love the sun. Seriously, we love it in our family. Summer and sun and all things hot…

But the sun doesn’t really love us here in the family. Or rather, it loves us too much.

Nozone Swimsuits at

Wee ecochick modeling Nozone swimwear

I get about 15 minutes of exposure before I scorch to a particularly un-fetching and unpleasant shade of hectic red. I’m not quite sure if my kid has the same sun sensitivity, because I haven’t waited to find out. I am crazy about sun protection. And given the news this week that melanoma, the cancer caused by sun exposure, is one of the only kinds of cancer that’s on the rise, it’s getting more important every day to figure out great ways to protect yourself from the harmful side effects of sun exposure, while still getting the chance to enjoy yourself in the sun. Sunscreens are an excellent tool, but they are fallible and some can be harmful. So sun protection for us means a variety of things, including shade, hats, and physical coverage.


A summer wardrobe staple for our kid has always been a Nozone swimsuit. These suits provide excellent skin coverage and are extraordinarily comfortable and kid-friendly. They’re a family owned and operated business, created out of their own desire to keep their kids safer in the sun without lots of questionable sunscreen chemicals. All their suits are UPF 50+ (meaning almost complete protection from the sun), they are durable (my kid had hers for three summers before she finally outgrew it – otherwise she’d still be wearing it since it’s in great shape) and they are super, super cute. They have suits in a range of styles and colours, from an easy one piece to a two piece (better for bathroom breaks) to a full body stinger suit that even protects them (or you) from jellyfish stings. They also come in super-cute baby sizes, and they also make hats and sunglasses to cover basically everything that needs covering outside.

What I really love about these (let’s be honest here, folks) is that it allows me to be a little more lazy. I don’t have to worry as much about reapplying sunscreen on the high-visibility and easily burned shoulders and worrying about missing spots around edges of tight suits or in the middle of her back.  And the suit provides more protection than a sunscreen does – chemical free.

Nozone Clothing CompanyJealous, mom and dad? Don’t worry. Nozone also carries a full line of adult products with the same level of durability and sun protection.

Nozone suits are very reasonably priced (and there’s always sales, too!) They’re available on their website and at a variety of retailers across Canada.

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