Next Issue: The Magazine Rack For Ecofriendly Folks

So I am a devoted magazine-aholic. I am always tempted by the shiny, glossy covers at the checkout, with the gorgeous looking food or interesting reads (and ok, maybe even a little gossip).

NextIssue2But they’re usually printed on glossy, non recycled paper which tweaks my eco-guilt. And once you’ve read them the question becomes, what to do with the magazine? There might be good recipes or something you want to refer back to, so you could maybe stack everything in a corner or tear out the pages, but that becomes an organizational nightmare. Plus, have you ever tried recycling magazines once a year? HEAVY. Recently I started subscribing to some of my favourites on the iPad, which works very well, but there were a lot of apps and it’s hard to keep things straight on what’s up for renewal and what’s not.

Then came NextIssue, and it was like my magazine dreams all came true. It’s a virtual newsstand for your magazines – over 100 different publications including great Canadian ones such as Chatelaine and MacLeans, and some of the top US ones too like Wired, Fast Company and Vanity Fair. They all load up in to their easy to use interface that operates at the flick of a finger. $9.99 a month gets you a great selection; $14.99 a month gets you almost every magazine you could possibly want – including back issues (BONUS). NextIssue works on Apple, Android and Windows 8 devices, and your first 30 days is absolutely free meaning you can try this out for yourself before committing.

BONUS CODE: If you enter the code “BONUS30″ at checkout, you’ll get an EXTRA 30 days, meaning you have two full months to fall in love with this app.  Head on over to NextIssue and try it out  and let me know what you think!

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