Green Living Show Fashion Accessory And Media Swap

Shoe SaleYes, I’ve already posted about the Green Living Show, but I cannot resist another post because 1. Green Living Show is MAH FAVOURITE and 2. this Fashion Accessory And Media Swap deserves all its own post. So simple and so clever and way so much fun. On Friday and Saturday, bring your gently loved movies, books, and music (including kids’ stuff) to the Swapsity Swap Zone at the Green Living Show and trade them in! One item you bring means one item you can take. Simple. And then on Sunday, the real fun begins when you bring in your fashion accessories: Handbags, shoes, necklaces, scarves, sunglasses and even ties, wallets and belts for men.

Book SaleI mean, seriously. How fun is this? It’s like shopping but for FREESIES, and that is the best for the planet ever. There’s some easy common-sense swapping guidelines (eg. swapping one for one, bring stuff in good condition, etc.) and if you’re planning to attend, you definitely should RSVP on the Facebook page and invite your friends via Facebook and Twitter.  Moar swappers = More awesome stuff.

It’s $5 for admission to the swap zone each day, on top of your Green Living Show admission. So worth it. Get packing!

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