ecochick on Pinterest – come follow me!

I’ve been having a mad illicit love affair for years now. I’m not proud.

Oh who am I kidding, I’m totally proud.
Pinterest Collage 1

But Pinterest really is my dirty little secret. It’s just so pretty. You know?

And there’s so much to be found. So much upcycling and recycling and handmade and just really clever ideas, like the amazing suitcase cat bed from Salvage Shack you see above. Pinterest is just such a wonderful, visually breathtaking place to get lost in for a few minutes (hours), and the inspiration is endless.

Won’t you come join me on Pinterest? Here’s just a few of the amazing things I’ve found recently (links to the shops below).

Pins from, clockwise on top: Lovable Luggage Shaggy Pet Bed from Salvage Shack, Bird Feeder from TawnysTreasures, pattern for crocheted bags from TickTockKnitsupcycled countertops from Vetrazzo, adorable bag via Nizar Thondley, Starbucks Bag Book Covers Idea from PaperPurr.

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