EcoFriendly Spring Cleaning

Yeah, you’ve got salt and grit in every corner of the house.  The static electricity from the lack of humidity means that there is dust on And the air is as stale as the box of All Bran at the back of the cupboard. It’s time to get the house shipshape for spring! Now, ecochick is gonna go ahead and assume you know the basics on how to clean – so this post is all about a few handy tips that will make your Spring Cleaning easier and eco-friendlier. Ready? Set! Goooooooo!

ecobarGet The Right Equipment. Terra20 has a fab Spring Cleaning Kit to get you set with their ecofriendly Glass & Window Cleaner, All Purpose Spray Cleaner and Hard Floor Surface Cleaner (All refillable at their handy dandy ecobar) and a 4-pack of these absolutely FABB-O SKOY Cloths. These take the place of paper towels and are reusable, reusable, reusable, reusable again until they are completely worn out – and then they’re compostable. High five.

Clean from Top to Bottom. This isn’t a jab about quality control; it’s about direction. Start upstairs and work down. Dust the shelves before vaccuuming the floor. Scrub the shower glass before doing the tub. That way, you never waste effort by backtracking.

Pifloorck it up as you go. Every time you sweep out the dust and grit from the corners, pick it up and dump it. While it may seem easier to sweep the whole joint and heap it alllll up in to a pile and scoop it all up at once, moving it too far can spread salt and toxic road oils across your floor. Which? Ew. So, it’s more bending, but look at it like a new form of pilates. Deeeep knee bend. Sweeping motion. Stand and… dump! And don’t forget the door mats. Take those bad boys outside and shake out the grit and gravel. Great way to work out some inner frustrations, amirite?

Blast Open The Windows. Right now it’s great timing, since the still-arctic cold means there’s little to no allergy-irritating pollen in the air. Even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time, getting a cross-breeze of fresh air through your house will help blow out stale, dry, dust-filled air and get some fresher, cleaner air through.

windowDon’t Forget: Clean out your reusable furnace filters to keep the dust mites and other nasties out of your house…. Spring clean your technology, too! Wipe down the surfaces, tidy up the keyboards and vacuum out the dust… Love the Swiffer but hate the disposable cloths? Make your own reusable ones from fleece!…. Now’s a good time to check expiry dates in your medicine cabinet and refrigerator and toss anything that’s past dates (and next time, buy smaller so that you won’t have to waste any!)

Got any green cleaning tips? Leave them in the comments!

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