EcoFriendly Spring Cleaning

Yeah, you’ve got salt and grit in every corner of the house.  The static electricity from the lack of humidity means that there is dust on And the air is as stale as the box of All Bran at the back of the cupboard. It’s time to get the house shipshape for spring! Now, ecochick is gonna go ahead and assume you know the basics on how to clean – so this post is all about a few handy tips that will make your Spring Cleaning easier and eco-friendlier. Ready? Set! Goooooooo!


Spring Cleaning Series: Store Your Winter Clothes!

Closet1sqSoon, very soon, you will be able to take your bulky winter coat and put it where you won’t have to even LOOK at it for six months. Your boots will be banished, your sweaters hidden from sight, and as for those itchy long johns, you can pretend they don’t exist. At least, till next winter. And next winter will, sadly, come. BUT WE SHALL NOT SPEAK OF THAT. Instead, let’s make it a Thing: The Ceremonial Storing Of The Winter. (more…)

I swear it’s gonna be Spring soon….

The calendar says so. Look.


This has been a very long, very cold, very snowy winter. And in your house, you now have several…. ISSUES.  The bottom of the hall closet is covered with dirt and salt. All your winter coats are covered with a filmy greyish-white dust. The air is stale and staticky.  It’s time for a Spring Cleaning, and here comes a series of posts to help you with just that – for everything from sorting and storing your seasonal wardrobes to refreshing your soul. Look for the full series!

1. Store Your Winter Clothes (AKA Banish the Boots!) Friday, March 21

2. Ecofriendly Spring Cleaning Tuesday, March 25

3. Spring Clean Your Soul – Coming Thursday, April 3

Can’t wait to see what you think!