New Otterbottle Insulated Awesomeness – and a Giveaway!

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Urban Girl who said…
thanks so much for the chance at the giveaway! I really like the OM thermos. I love that you could have something leakproof to carry liquids to work. yeah!

It’s tough, staying hydrated and caffeinated in an eco-unfriendly world. Too easy it is to grab a plastic disposable water bottle or a takeaway coffee cup and paper sleeve. Awesome Canadian company OtterBottle has been trying to change that, one green consumer at a time. They originally introduced a snazzy line of reusable water bottles in fantastic, funky designs. Now they’ve gone a step further: They’re eco-fying your coffee cup and lunch break by introducing a gorgeous new line of insulated food and drink containers, with stylish insulated lunch totes to carry it all in. (more…)

Buenostyle Jewelry

Sometimes I wonder why anyone would ever go “new” when vintage and eco is just so gorgeous. Case in point: Bueno Style Jewelry. Made by Vancouver creative-eco-type Christi York, Buenostyle jewelry is fun, classical, one of a kind (or one of a few) jewelry pieces. She uses discontinued stock glass and brass from most of the 20th century that she finds in shops, sals or other secret locations, and either works them in to completely new pieces or sells the vintage jewelry as is. For example, take a look at this beautiful ornate pendant that would be certain to become a family heirloom, or these vintage filigree and Swarovski crystal earrings showing a beautiful blend of vintage and new. (more…)

Organic wines in Canada

It’s kind of one of those days. One of those “two bottle” kind of days, you know?

But you aren’t sure what kind of bottle to open. You’d like to be ecofriendly. And you’d like a Canadian wine, because it then has less carbon footprint than a wine flown in from sunny Italy or Australia.

Well, it’s good fortune for you that I just came across this excellent list of organic wineries in Canada.  The page has a thorough description of the terminology – such as the difference between an “organic” wine and a wine made with “organic grapes”.  Favourites such as Frogpond Farm and Summerhill Farms are on the list, but if you scan it perhaps you will find a new favourite. Enjoy!

LABEL boutique – ecofriendly clothing

We expect a lot of our clothing. Or at least, we should. Especially good, pricey, designer stuff. It should make you look good, for one. Good clothing should make the observer notice the wearer, not the worn. And good clothing should also make you feel good. That feeling good comes in a number of forms, from feeling confident about the way you look to feeling ecofriendly and responsible about the choices you’re making as a consumer.

Not feeling it with your current brands? Then you really need to check out LABEL. Their line is specific and exclusive, with a total of 10 pieces (plus various colour options) available.  This means that each piece is made with a great deal of consideration and forethought for design, wearability, usability and versatility. Take, for example, the Wrap Dress at left. Made from 93% sustainable bamboo and 7% spandex for stretchability and wearability, this dress will flatter virtually any shape and can be mixed and matched as a wardrobe staple with any number of styles. All of the pieces in the LABEL closet are made that way: LABEL is “a collection of clothing perfectly suited to creative contemporary women looking for room to interpret current trends. LABEL resists the urge to define its wearers, but instead invites the wearer to define the clothing. LABEL reinvents the basics, inspiring and encouraging generous styling and wardrobe play.”

All LABEL clothing is made wherever possible with natural, organic, renewable or reclaimed fibers. All pieces are made locally by fairly paid contractors. And this part I love: LABEL minimizes waste by donating all fabric scraps to a local artist who incorporates them into handmade stuffed creatures. Heart!

But even knowing all that awesome eco- and socially-friendly stuff, with styles like this gorgeous, statement-making Cape or this fabulously versatile Cardigan (both made from Tencel – a wood based fiber – and wool) it’s obvious that the point with LABEL is really the clothes. Want!

Interested? Check out their online store. And here’s a special bonus for ecochick readers: Simply enter the code “ecochick” in the coupon line in your shopping cart when shopping at LABEL and enjoy 20% off your purchase. Now that’s smart!

Preloved Runway Sale

Just got this in my inbox from Preloved:

After much anticipation, preloved is proud to announce that we are auctioning off an EXCLUSIVE selection of our Fall 2010 collection on eBay, as shown on the runway at Toronto Fashion week earlier this year.

The link is here.

The Amber Dress: made of 2 types of wool trousers, sari fabric with a curtain waistband

This is a HUGE success so be sure to check back on November 3rd for the launch of ‘preloved for eBay’

- our sweater collection designed especially for eBay
- items are limited so get in quick prelovers!!!

I just checked out the link… there’s some gorgeous stuff including this sharp Nikki leather jacket  and this uber-fun Doreen sweater. And there might be a chance to score a wicked deal. Enjoy!

Canadian Weblog Awards

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards The nominations for the best Canadian Weblogs are open! If you’d like to nominate a blog for consideration in any of the many categories, you can find the form here. (I haven’t nominated myself for cause that would be gauche, but you can feel free!)

Vintage Lingerie and Boot Sale by Victoire and Aunt Olive’s


Two of my favourite Ottawa shops – Victoire Boutique and Aunt Olive’s Vintage – have gotten together to bring you a very special event. This Saturday, October 9, the Some Like It Hot Vintage Lingerie and Chatte Bottee Shoe Sale will be taking place from 4-9 PM at Victoire’s Byward Market location on Dalhousie st. The Ladies from La Chatte Bottee in Montreal will be making the trek down the 417 with their delicious vintage shoes while Aunt Olive and Victoire will be bringing the naughty vintage lingerie. Victoire will also be offering a 10% discount on its fall collection. How exciting!  

It’s this Saturday, October 9, at 246 Dalhousie St from 4-9 pm. Enjoy!

EcoHandmade Studio

I love just drifting aimlessly through Etsy and seeing what might pop up. People are so creative and so innovative; it’s amazing to see what they’ll come up with when left to their own devices.

Today I came across this bit of autumn joy: Eco Handmade Studio. This crafty shop creates jewelry with recycled glass. She embeds tiny nature photographs into little glass casings, then mounts them on anything from cord and ribbon for a necklace to wire for earrings. They’re perfect for fall – or any season. So unique and such a beautiful, fashionable conversation piece!

All her pieces are available on her Etsy shop – and she’s in Canada so shipping will be a breeze. Yay!

Preloved – gorgeous, one of a kind fashions from vintage fabrics

Remember Preloved, the fantastic Canadian boutique line that creates new and fun clothing out of old stuff? Think “old, fuzzy wool grade 8 sweater and old, no longer fashionable cords” and then re-think that in to “jazzy new clothing I’d look completely awesome wearing”, and you’ve pretty much got the concept of Preloved. And if you haven’t checked them out lately, you definitely should. There’s some gorgeous stuff on their online store, starting with their women’s line. Each piece is made from a specific pattern, but all from individual vintage clothing, so each one is unique.  So the Miss Parker sweater as pictured here or this Carly Sweater would truly be yours – a one of a kind!

Preloved have also added some unbearably cute stuff into a kids’ line (I mean seriously, check out this dress!), as well as some funky ideas in to a Home line.

You can find Preloved at four of their own stores, or at any number of fabulous retailers across Canada and the US.

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