Ecofriendly Fall Gardening

Yeah, it’s August 25. I know, I know. For those of us who are Summer Lovers, it’s high time to mourn. For me, while I do love summer, I also love fall. Crisp evenings, cozy sweaters, finally putting my feet back in to socks and shoes and not worrying about the condition of my toenails.

But did you know your backyard could use a little work too? There are plenty of ecofriendly ways to prime your yard for winter and have it looking its best for next spring.

Fall is a great time to add to your compost pile, as it will decompose all winter. Learn more about great composting practices at Go Organic Gardening.

Organic Gardening has a great Fall Cleanup Guide including how and when to mulch, and what to make sure you don’t miss on the cleanup.

There’s plenty you can do to your lawn to make it look its best come spring – all outlined at The Organic Gardener.

Check the Farmers’ Almanac for weather predictions to plan your gardening and yard work time, as well as figuring out what jobs you should be doing in the garden in August and September.

But most of all – enjoy your garden. Fresh air, outside, helping the planet – there’s nothing better.  

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