Credo bags: Reusable bags for any need!

These are brilliant.

You know when you’re at the grocery store, and you need apples, but you don’t want to take a plastic bag because, well, we all know what the deal is with plastic bags, but picking up a dozen or so apples and trying to carry them loose is just a pain, and the checkout person is trying to roll them all around on the scale and half of them fall off and gaaah.

Solve that problem but quick with Credo Produce Bags. I’ve been using them for a year, and they kick all kinds of butt. They come in various sizes, from “I need a couple of tomatoes” to “I need a dozen apples” to “I need three heads of romaine”.  Coming in regular and organic cotton, the produce bags have a drawstring closure and are fully washable in case your tomatoes get squashed. And: Made in Canada, whoop!  The bags start in price as low as $5, so are an easy budget addition to your reusable bag rotation.

You can buy Credo Produce bags as well as any of their other awesome stuff from their online store as well as at various locations across Canada.

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  1. Greenest Stuff Ottawa
    April 21, 2010 at 4:40 pm (8 years ago)

    I like these alot also – ordered three but I think I’m going to need more – like that they have different sizes!


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