Blue Celery Baby Sling – hands free baby heaven

What do babies like most? To be cuddled and safe right next to Mama. But if Mama needs to do anything, anything at all like, say, eat lunch or perhaps brush her teeth, she needs a way to keep baby close while freeing up her hands. This is where babywearing comes in handy – the practice of carrying a baby in a pouch or sling close to the body. It takes the burden off Mama’s arms while still keeping baby near – practical for Mama and emotionally secure for both!

As babywearing has gained popularity in Canada, plenty of sling options have presented themselves out there, but the favourite around these parts is a gorgeous organic cotton sling from Blue Celery.

The sling comes in a fun, reusable lunchbag, with the sling itself consisting of two stretchy loops and a long sash, giving you a wide range of options for carrying baby – curled up low in a pouch for newborns, crisscrossed and sitting up for slightly older babies, riding on the hip for looking around for the curious types. The sling is easy to use and can be pitched in the washing machine when it gets puked on has lunch dropped on it leaky diapers dirty, which is a definite blessing around here. This is the number one baby lifesaving item in this house – don’t leave home without it!

The sling ranges in price depending on location but is generally priced just over $100. You can find it online (and in store in Ottawa) at Milkface, Red Chair Kids and plenty of other locations.

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