Eco Baby Buys: Get ‘em while you can!

Hey, busy parents. Do you despair of finding eco-friendly yet nice and fun items for your baby at a good price? Eco Baby Buys is here to help.

Eco Baby Buys’ purpose in life is to source baby gear that meets their strict criteria – the use of non-toxic materials and dyes; the use of organic and/or recycled textiles and materials; the use of eco-friendly packaging; and a commitment and adherence to the standards of fair-trade – and to bring them to busy moms and dads at wicked prices.

But you have to act fast! Every day at 9 am EST they post a new deal at, and they’re always limited quantities so you can only get them til they sell out. Once you place an order, Ecobabybuys takes over, maintaining the eco-friendliness by using recycled boxes and packaging material; printing only when necessary and using efficient printers and recycled unbleached paper; encouraging people to choose to ship their items with the USPS since postmen already go to your house every day, and more.

And what great items do they feature? They’ve sold great stuff from companies like Go Natural Baby, Kee-Ka, Keptin-Jr and loads more. So make sure you go sign up today so that you don’t miss out!

Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda – easy, lovely laundry

OK, so – you’ll buy it for the awesome website alone (“She wasn’t always a three inch tall plastic figurine trapped inside a website!”). But lucky for us, there’s a heck of a lot more reason than that to use Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Soda. This soda is very simple: Just ingredients that get your laundry clean. Nothing more. No perfumes. No dyes. Just a tub of natural, biodegradable goodness including – if you can believe it – salt. Plain old salt. Who knew.

But the best part is that Nellie’s laundry soda gets your laundry sparkling clean. Including (if I may make a baby-related note here) the most hideous diapers you may ever have the misfortune of encountering. One wash with Nellie’s and the diapers come out bright white… and if this stuff can handle that, it can truly handle anything. Your laundry comes out without being scented by any heavy perfumes .. which means you can either enjoy the lack of scent, or scent them yourself with some essential oil sachets in the dryer (lavender, anyone?)

Nellie’s is available online at their store, or locally in Ottawa at the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe and other locations.

Bamboosa Bath Towels – snuggly ecofriendly clean

Bath time was a challenge around these parts for a while, what with the screaming and the… screaming. Babies seem to have a natural aversion to being bathed, as it turns out. But once the bath is done, the screaming quickly subsides as soon as we wrap her in this luxurious Hooded Towel from Bamboosa. Bamboo fabrics have become a real hit around here, with their soft, silky feel, wicked absorbency and natural antibacterial properties. The hooded towel is generously sized to give you lots of room to wrap baby comfortably and warm her up when she’s soaking wet, with its thirsty loops drying her off in an instant. Just hang the towel to dry when you’re done and you’re ready to go for next time. The towel comes in a variety of pretty colours, but we chose the nice natural colour here. And there’s even a Preemie sized towel for those babies who are in extra-wee sizes.

We got ours at Baby On The Hip, but there’s lots and lots of stores across the US and Canada where these great towels can be found. Check it out!

Ottawa Hidden Treasures Giveaway Weekend October 24-25

Do you have tons of stuff in your house that isn’t broken or otherwise not usable, but that you’re just not using anymore? Old CDs, mismatched end tables, maybe some 4 year old magazines… who knows? Well, if you’re in Ottawa, take that stuff, clearly label it as “FREE”, and put it out to the curb on Saturday and Sunday for the Hidden Treasures Giveaway Weekend. It could be anything – just as long as it’s still usable for someone, it just might find a home. Check out the website for the official “rules” of the giveaway such as how to display your items, and which items might be best left un-given away. Happy hunting!

Blue Celery Baby Sling – hands free baby heaven

What do babies like most? To be cuddled and safe right next to Mama. But if Mama needs to do anything, anything at all like, say, eat lunch or perhaps brush her teeth, she needs a way to keep baby close while freeing up her hands. This is where babywearing comes in handy – the practice of carrying a baby in a pouch or sling close to the body. It takes the burden off Mama’s arms while still keeping baby near – practical for Mama and emotionally secure for both!

As babywearing has gained popularity in Canada, plenty of sling options have presented themselves out there, but the favourite around these parts is a gorgeous organic cotton sling from Blue Celery.

The sling comes in a fun, reusable lunchbag, with the sling itself consisting of two stretchy loops and a long sash, giving you a wide range of options for carrying baby – curled up low in a pouch for newborns, crisscrossed and sitting up for slightly older babies, riding on the hip for looking around for the curious types. The sling is easy to use and can be pitched in the washing machine when it gets puked on has lunch dropped on it leaky diapers dirty, which is a definite blessing around here. This is the number one baby lifesaving item in this house – don’t leave home without it!

The sling ranges in price depending on location but is generally priced just over $100. You can find it online (and in store in Ottawa) at Milkface, Red Chair Kids and plenty of other locations.


One fine morning in July, ecochick woke up and found the egg she’d been sitting on patiently for nine months had hatched. Poof! All of a sudden ecochick was a mama, and the rest of the world melted away. But now that the ecochicklet can be relied upon to sleep at least an hour or two during the day, ecochick can finally get back to you… and oh, the wonderful things she’s found over the last several months! While stocking up for the arrival of the little one, we’ve found tons of awesome ecofriendly gear for both babies and grownups. So I hope you’re still ready to read about the newest finds… hang on, it’ll be a great ride!