Air Miles My Planet: A new way of going green

Do you have an AirMiles card? Me too! And so does 70% of Canadian Households. And now, AirMiles is using their considerable clout with Canadians to help tout greener living, in their program called MyPlanet.

Now you can use your Air Miles to get great My Planet rewards, rewards have been identified, reviewed and assessed as products and services that contribute to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. And it’s stuff you’ll use: Transit Passes. A credit towards a new Bullfrog Power account. Born Free BPA-free Baby Bottles. And plenty more. Or, if you’d rather support programs rather than products, you can donate your airmiles to the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

They also have a great section to learn about making more environmentally conscious choices, and a great section on how AirMiles Vendors are helping save the planet. Check it out – and don’t forget to take your AirMiles card with you next time you shop!

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