Method: Smarty Dish Dishwasher Tablets

I love that Method keeps coming up with new products for use around the house. Every time I think, I really wish there was a better alternative for X, method seems to come up with it. This time? smarty dish. It’s method’s non-toxic dishwasher detergent that works wonders without having to use nasty stuff like phosphates. Best part, though? It works. I have them at home and the dishes came out every bit as clean as they did with our other stuff – comparing it to both our old “non” green dishwasher tabs and the current “green” ones we are using. Pop it in, run it on the economy cycle – voila. Clean dishes. Also, I really like the fresh Pink Grapefruit scent – it’s different than most products out there.

Method products are available at Shoppers Drug Marts and other retailers across Canada.

Toronto Green Living Show: The aftermath

This is the first year I’ve managed to get to the Green Living Show in Toronto – and it was fantastic. Tons of vendors showing environmentally friendly products for house, home, beauty, baby, food… the list was endless. I had a fantastic lunch at the Farm Fresh Fare area, where you tried samples of delicious foods from diverse and fantastic food providers. I drooled over the selection of wines at the Grapes and Hops tasting area, checked out the speakers at the Green Living main stage, and strolled around tons of great booths.

Unfortunately due to a combination of “huge pregnant lady syndrome” as well as “Why would you shut down the DVP for an entire weekend Syndrome”, I didn’t get to spend quite as much time at the show as I would have preferred. Still, here’s the list of the vendors I chatted with or whose booth I stopped by… and just to show you the size of the show, I by no means visited all the booths, I would say I roughly visited half! The great news is, plenty of them love ecochick too and lots have cool reviews, giveaways, discounts and other fun stuff coming up right here in the coming days and weeks. Til then, have fun checking out the links.

Attitude Environmental Products
Some Things Cozy Home Decor and Gift Items
Booda Bellie Organic Clothing
Green Cricket
Green Bean Studios
En Ville Event Design and Catering
Malivoire wine
Organic Evolution
Sigrid Natural Skin Care
Featherstone Estate Winery and Vineyard
Southbrook Vineyards
Green Platypus
Planet Forward
Credo Bags
ecoLiving Cleaners
Loblaws PC Green
Delta Chelsea
Brick Street Bakery
Ontario Cheese Society
Fenwood farm
The Organic Cotton Company
Childish Notions
Camerons Brewing
Inniskillin Wineries
Winery to Home
Sustainable Gift
Green Beaver
The Stop Community Food Centre
SteamWhistle Brewery
Live Clean
Aromatic Health
Baby On The Hip
Arising – Women in Nature
Green Students Fundraising
Stratus Wines
Bullfrog Power
Forest Stewardship Council Canada
Front Door Organics
Green Earth Organics
AmiDog and AmiCat
Grass Roots Store
Me to We Responsible Style
Retire Your Ride
Healthy Environment For Kids
Mapleton’s Organic dairy

Organic Surge goodies: Earth Week Giveaway #5

And the lucky recipient of the Organic Surge goodies is Christie who said…

Ooh, you had me at Bergamot – I love bergamot – so the tropical bergamot shower gel!

email me at talk at ecochick dot ca, Christie! Good luck next time, ecochicks!

Hey ecochicks!

Our final giveaway for this week is a set of gorgeous goodies from the United Kingdom’s Organic Surge. These wonderful combinations of products are made with 99% naturally derived ingredients with certified organic essential oils. They leave out parabens, SLS, sulfates, synthetic perfume and plenty of other nasties, leaving in plant extracts and all kinds of other goodness. And I have a gift pack for you to try out! The pack includes:

Citrus mint shampoo. There are lots of minty shampoos on the market – they’re wonderful because they have such a nice fresh feeling on the scalp! This one is less minty than some, so it’s lighter and very, very nice.

Next, Tropical Bergamot shower gel is a fresh, pretty gel that leaves your skin clean and soft.

But my clear favourite out of the gift pack is the Lavender and Geranium hand lotion. I never would have thought to put lavender and geranium together as a scent combination – and it really, really works. The two scents compliment each other gorgeously, resulting in a wholly natural, lovely fragrance. And the cream is very nice too!

You want the gift pack? Just head on over to Organic Surge (it’s the UK site but they have all of the products listed there) and tell me what new products sound good to you! Post back here by Friday, May 1 and make sure you leave me a way to contact you, and may just say this gift pack is yours.

Organic Surge products are available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart.

It’s been an awesome week here at ecochick, with all kinds of great giveaways and awesome visitors to the site. Welcome back all of you who’ve been here for a while, and welcome to everyone who just discovered the site this week – I hope you stick around! Don’t forget to subscribe to the ecochick feed, and if you have any feedback for me you can comment or email me at talk at ecochick dot ca. Happy eco-living!

Origins Bag and Ginger Scrub: Earth Week Giveaway #4

And the lucky recipient of the Origins giveaway is Susan R who said…

Hey Shannie,

I was actually making a mental list on Earth Day of the changes that I’ve already made to try and be a little cleaner and greener. Here’s my list of some of the biggies:

1) No chemical cleaners in da’ house – vinegar, BS, Dr, Bonner’s and essential oils. Sure, my house sometimes smells like a fish and chips shop but it beats the “I think I’m gonna pass out from the Tilex fumes” alternative.

2) Organic food where possible – especially fruit and veg. I order a basket from Fresh organic produce, as local as the season allows, delivered right to my door, which also saves on the gas it would take for me to drive to the grocery store – bonus!

3) Cannot remember the last time I got a plastic bag at any store. People whinge and complain that Loblaws are now charging for plastic…how can they be expected to remember their green bags all the time? Um..put them in your trunk, bring them into the store, fill them up, take them home, empty them out, put them back in the trunk. University degree not required.

4) I compost. I recycle – whatever and wherever I can. Big box stores -Best Buy, in particular – is great for old electronics and used batteries.

In the upcoming year, I’m planning on switching my hot water heating over to solar. I think those funky panels in my roof will be quite stylin’. See I’m also investing in a rainwater collection tank to water the lawn and plants when (read: if!) summer arrrives.

Bring on the eco-volution!

Congrats Susan R and good luck next time, peeps!

“No, no! Say it ain’t so! Not another giveaway! It’s TOO MUCH!” I can hear you all wailing. Well, you’ll just have to get over it because today I have two treats for you from Origins.

It’s no secret around here that Origins is one of my favourite brands. While they are a “big” brand, I’ve always appreciated the fact that they are continually trying to improve their products and provide consumers with high-quality alternatives to regular department store products. Combine this with their fun and innovative blends and the Origins counter is one I find myself spending lots of time at.

Today I have two treats for you from Origins. One: A jar of their gorgeous Ginger Body Scrub. This amazing little tub contains skin-scouring Dead Sea Salts and warming Ginger Zest buffered in emollient-rich Macadamia Oil, Soybean Oil, Kukui Nut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. This combination, when slathered on dry, flaky skin, scrubs away all the old and leaves bright, healthy, moisturized new skin in its place. It’s luxuriant and feels wonderful, and will leave you moisturized for hours. (Just don’t wipe out when you’re getting out of the tub… this stuff is slippery!)

And keeping that jar safe is treat number two: A limited edition Origins I Don’t Get Wasted organic cotton reusable bag as shown at left. Big, with sturdy handles, this bag will carry even your heaviest grocery loads and stand up for more.

What do you have to do to get these treats? You just have to comment below and tell me What change you’re making to your lifestyle after Earth Day. Are you switching to post-consumer recycled paper products in your home? Are you going to plant an organic veggie garden in the back yard? Whatever it is, post it below by Thursday, April 30. I’ll pick a name through Don’t forget to leave me contact information… and good luck! Green Store Launch – Earth Week Giveaway #3!

Whee, the lucky recipient of the gift basket is susantroy who said…

The baby cubes are the greatest purchase ever for new moms (hint, hint). I didn’t have those, but they would be so much better than ice cube trays for freezing baby food! You need to buy them! :)

Happy Earth Day!

Susan, email me at talk at ecochick dot ca ASAP and everyone else – good luck next time!

Have you checked out, the online drugstore? It’s a great resource for purchasing anything you can find at a regular drugstore – with the added bonus, of course, of doing it from your lap, and with free shipping anywhere in Canada on all orders, it’s a no brainer for when you need to stock up on essentials.

The great eco-news is that today they’ve launched their new Green and Natural store stocked with over 3,000 products from great lines such as Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face, Derma E, Weleda, Giovanni’s, Green Works, Green Beaver and many more.

And the *awesome* news is that the gang at love ecochick readers, and want to give you some great products to try out in honour of their launch and Earth Day.

First in the gift pack is an Urban Spa Full Body Sea Sponge – Soft, absorbent and durable, sea sponges turn soap and body wash into a foamy, luxurious lather that’s perfect for the bath and shower. These sponges are sustainably harvested too!

Next up is a delicious jar of Giovanni Cool Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub – this delicious lemony scrub tingles with fragrance and is an invigorating body exfoliator that polishes skin’s surface, removing cellular debris. The richly scented formula contains the exclusive Giovanni PureOrganic Technology blend.

And finally – as if you needed more – there’s a Burt’s Bees Nourishing Gift Set containing *amazing* Burt’s Bees products including Naturally Nourishing Body Wash, Naturally Nourishing Lotion, Naturally Nourishing Body Bar, Herbal Milk Bath, Honey Lip Balm, Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme and a gorgeous Bee-uty Bag. Can you believe it?

All this can be yours, ecochick – you just need to head on over to the Green Store and spend a little time exploring. Then come back here and tell me in the comments about a new eco-product you’ve discovered there that you’d love to try. Leave your comment by Wednesday, April 29, 2009 (sorry folks, Canucks only!) and make sure you leave me a way to contact you. Good luck and Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day – specials galore!

Happy Earth Day, ecochicks! Check out Earth to check out what’s happening across Canada and in your area. There’s also plenty of folks doing fun stuff in stores and on the web for today, so here’s a list of what I’ve found (will update throughout the day when I find new things, so keep checking back):

Aveeno is giving away one of their limited edition Aveeno Envirosax. Unfortunately it’s USA only, boo, sorry Canucks!

Origins Online will plant a tree on your behalf with a purchase of their A Perfect World moisturizer. They’re also selling Limited Edition Reusable Totes and giving away 4 free samples with any order. is offering a 15% discount on all the gorgeous, funky, ecofriendly items in their shop, today only.

Loblaws stores are giving away free green bins with a minimum $60 purchase til the end of April.

Huggies is giving away a sample of their New Pure and Natural Diapers.

The Daily Green has posted a list of 11 Earth Day Discounts.

More to come – and of course, today’s Earth Week Giveaway is up too!

Green Beaver Shampoo and Conditioner: Earth Week Giveaway #2!

And the lucky recipient of the Green Beaver giveaway is michelle who said…

i’m a moisturizer addict. gotta try the cranberry body lotion. mmm, cranberries!

email me at talk at ecochick dot ca asap, Michele – and the rest, good luck next time!

Delicious, sweet smelling, oh-so-good for you Green Beaver. Body products, all made in Canada, with plenty of Canadian ingredients from certified organic agriculture or ecologically wildcrafted. With aroma blends 100% made from plants, instead of vaguely defined “fragrances”. With no paraben preservatives, sulfates, artificial aromas, fragrances or dyes, glycol or petrolatum. With no animal testing. And with to-die-for, straight out of nature scents, like that of the gorgeous Cranberry Rejuvenating Shampoo and the refreshing Apple Mint Conditioner, both of which I have to put in to your hot little hands in nice big 325 ml bottle sizes. Aren’t you lucky!

Just go to the Green Beaver Website and tell me in the comments what your favourite Green Beaver product is and why, by Tuesday, April 28. Make sure you leave me a way to contact you! Giveaway will be determined by Random.Org. Good luck!

Awesome Otterbottle: Earth Week Giveaway #1!

And the lucky, lucky recipient of this Otterbottle giveaway is Stisso who said…

The blue tree is a pretty one that donates to cancer and represents both the earth/sea and green land….but it’s not my choice. The green flowers are also pretty, and represent the beauty of nature, but it’s not my choice either. My choice is for the alien, because we’re all going to be living on Mars if we don’t start taking care of the earth, and that would suck donkey balls.

Amen to that, girlfriend.

For the rest of you… venture over to Otterbottle to get your own… they’re so amazing! Thanks for participating, and don’t forget to check out the rest of the Earth Week giveaways.


You’re thirsty. You don’t want to use a plastic water bottle, because plastic sucks. But you’re still thirsty. And frankly, you’re also kind of girly, and you don’t want to drag around one of those hideous water bottles that looks like a leftover WWII torpedo or something.

This is why you need an Otterbottle. Not only are these 100% recyclable stainless steel water bottles uber-lightweight and easy to carry… not only are they aluminum-free… not only do they come with two tops – a sport top and twist top with lid, to suit your needs… not only do they come with a clip to easily hook the bottle onto your bag or knapsack.. not only are they a Canadian company… but girl, they are hot. Really, really hot. In 950 ml, 700 ml and 500 ml sizes and a series of gorgeous designs, this water bottle will be the envy of your yoga class. I’ve been getting compliment after compliment on mine, which of course I smugly bask in.

So… you want one? You could buy one from their website. You could buy one from one of their in-store carriers. (And if you buy one, know that a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold go to the David Suzuki Foundation.) Or, you could just comment on this post by Monday, April 27 telling me which one of their fancy styles makes the best eco-statement, in your opinion. Don’t forget to leave me a way to contact you such as an email address (sorry, this giveaway is Canada only). And if you do that, I might just send you one. Good luck!

Air Miles My Planet: A new way of going green

Do you have an AirMiles card? Me too! And so does 70% of Canadian Households. And now, AirMiles is using their considerable clout with Canadians to help tout greener living, in their program called MyPlanet.

Now you can use your Air Miles to get great My Planet rewards, rewards have been identified, reviewed and assessed as products and services that contribute to a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. And it’s stuff you’ll use: Transit Passes. A credit towards a new Bullfrog Power account. Born Free BPA-free Baby Bottles. And plenty more. Or, if you’d rather support programs rather than products, you can donate your airmiles to the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

They also have a great section to learn about making more environmentally conscious choices, and a great section on how AirMiles Vendors are helping save the planet. Check it out – and don’t forget to take your AirMiles card with you next time you shop!

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