Boob Maternity Wear: Organic Bump Style

I’m fussy about my clothes. I like pretty things. Things made sustainably. Things that last so that I don’t have to waste money and resources replacing them. And when I first started looking for clothing to cover my ever-expanding waistline, it felt like banging my head against the wall. I’d head to the chain stores at the mall, only to find non-sustainable fabrics and clothes that I just knew would fall apart the third time I washed them. I gnashed my teeth in despair.

And then I found Boob. Glorious, soft, comforting, stylish Boob. Based in Sweden, Boob doesn’t just create pregnancy clothing – they create pregnancy fashion. From gorgeous tops and bottoms to swirly dresses and loungewear, the pregnant or nursing woman will be able to find the perfect piece to complete their wardrobe – and many pieces that will last well afterwards, such as these awesome Once On Never Off pants that, I can guarantee you, live up to their name.

Many pieces adhere to the Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles standard which tests for harmful substances in textiles. And there are also many pieces made from lovely soft organic cotton, such as this uber-chic Wrap top.

Boob Maternity gear is available in Canada online and in person at Haute Mama (tell them ecochick sent you!) as well as several other wonderful maternity stores.

Green is Black – Giant Closing Eco-Sale!

Giant Closing Eco-Sale at Green is Black!

Torontonians: Have you been to Green is Black at 624 Yonge Street? Well, you’d better get there quick, because they’re closing their doors to focus on online retail. The boutique was one of the first on the block to offer Torontonians the chance to shop guilt free- by offering only the most stylish companies that met strict ecological and ethical standards. The store will continue to operate as an online boutique at that offers international shipping, and is now offering at-home eco-fashion parties. To mark this occasion, Green is Black is offering 25%- 75% off on all merchandise in the store. From their press release:

“Retail is changing, and so is the store,” states Kerry MacMullin, Green is Black owner. “I’m shutting down in order to shift time and energy to the web store, and developing a line of accessories made of reclaimed materials.”

Ethical shoppers need not despair; fittings will be available by appointment at Yonge and Bloor. Additionally, Toronto greenies can opt to host an eco-ethical clothing party. The parties will be in the spirit of Tupperware and Pampered Chef where MacMullin will bring the store to the client’s home, as long as a minimum of 5 guests are present. As a bonus, the organizer will be rewarded for hosting by getting product discounts.

MacMullin reassures that all the store’s favorite brands will continue to be carried, along with the addition of lav & kush and TOMS shoes.

The fantastic sales are available online too. If you haven’t seen the beautiful pieces they carry go check it out now – it’s worth your time!

Edun Live: Your new favourite T-Shirt

Even to this day, 6 months pregnant, I still squeeze my swollen belly into my favourite pre-pregnancy T-shirts. And why not? They’re my favourite items. They’re comfy, they’re soft, they’re flattering… well, at least they were before my belly started annexing entire postal codes. But what if your favourite t-shirt wasn’t just making *you* happy, it was also helping other people?

If you’re as addicted to your favourite tee as I am, then you should be checking out the collection at Bono’s EDUN LIVE: Organic t-shirts where every T-shirt is fairly sourced from a growing network of factories in Sub-Saharan Africa. Edun uses organic products wherever possible and encourages their suppliers to learn about organic farming.

The tees are priced at $28 (not sure of the currency!) which, when you think about it, is a fair price to ensure everyone down the line who created your tee gets a fair wage – from the cotton grower to the manufacturer and everyone in between.

So check it out at EDUN LIVE: T-Shirts that help create jobs in Africa.