Toggery Collection: Flattering ecofriendly fashion

In the eco-fashion world, new designers who are blending fashion with sustainability are becoming more and more mainstream – and that’s amazing. One such designer is Kate d’Arcy who has created Toggery, a collection of essential fashion pieces made from organic fabrics. Based in New York City, d’Arcy fashions beautiful, touchable garments that flow and carry beautifully and are also sustainable. These pieces appeal to the ecofashionista and the plain old fashionista alike.

Kate d’Arcy creates lines for every season, with the Fall 08 and Holiday 08 lines featuring pretty, rich jewel tones, flowing fabrics and flattering cuts, and the Spring 09 Collection featuring natural tones and pale pastels on light garments filled with movement.

Toggery togs are available at select stores across Canada.

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