PositiviTee: Wear your Heart on your T-Shirt

An ecochick prediction: When you find these t-shirts, you will buy one for everyone on your Christmas list. Then when they get them, they will beg you to tell them where you found them. They’re that good.

PositiviTee makes gorgeous, 100% organic cotton tees which seize upon the power of communication between perfect strangers. Each tee sends a message with its artwork, artwork that represents something important that you can do to help another human being, another living creature, or help the planet.

What’s really amazing is that a portion of the selling price from each t-shirt goes to charity, depending on the specific cause the tee supports. For example, the Save Chimps tee gives to the Jane Goodall Institute. The Micro-loans for Women tee gives to the Grameen Foundation. And on and on it goes.

Even if you don’t need any t-shirts, the website is worth a browse simply to learn about the issues and causes that PositiviTees supports. Mind you, once you start browsing, you might buy anyway. Enjoy!

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