Giveaway day-after-Tuesday: Burt’s Bees Radiance Healthy Glow Kit!

And the lucky recipient of the Burt’s Bees kit is Deanna who said I’d like to get my mom the Body Nectar Softening Set, she’d love it! email me at talk at ecochick dot ca as soon as you can so I can dispatch your goodies in the mail!

Yeah, ecochick hasn’t been on the ball lately. Mea culpa, readers. I’ve been so up to there that I’m actually considering bringing on another writer (I can’t pay, but I can share goodies!) More on that in another post. In the meantime, hey! Yesterday was Tuesday! And that means something good….

A month or so ago, ecochick featured a Burt’s Bees School Survival Kit filled with Burt’s Awesomeness. And hey, guess what? I have another awesome Burt’s Bees kit to give away – this time a Radiance Healthy Glow Kit containing

I’m telling you, every time I list one of these I wonder.. why am I giving this away again?

Burt’s Bees products will make perfect stocking stuffers for everyone on your list. So tell me, beautiful readers: What would you like to give someone else this year from the Burt’s Bees collection? Tell me in the comments by Wednesday, December 3 and you just might be getting this little beauty in the mail. Don’t forget to leave me an email address and good luck!

Ecochick Giveaway Tuesday: Kiss My Face Kisses On Trial

And says the lucky Kiss My Face Giveaway recipient is lisalila who said…

Hi Eco-chick!

I loooooove Kiss my face products!
I would be happy to receive any sample you are offering, but I would prefer the olive oil soap if I had to choose :o)

Happy Holidays!

email me at talk at ecochick dot ca to claim your goodies!

Have you been to Kiss My Face lately? You know Kiss My Face, the brainchild of two happy hippies in the 80s who decided to revolutionize the skin care industry by creating things naturally? Well, they’re still doing it, creating beautiful, lovely-smelling products made with organic, natural, biodegradeable ingredients not tested on animals. They have lovely Body Care, Facial Care, Cleansing, Hair Care and Suncare lines and much, much more. You can even check out what the lads are up to at their blog. You can purchase their products online or venture to any of a number of stores across Canada. Nice!

On to the giveaway… for you, my lovely ecochicks, I have a Kiss My Face Kisses On Trial gift pack, containing trial sizes of nine of their most popular products including samples from the hair care, shower gel, organic oral care, and moisturizer lines. Just comment on this post by Wednesday, November 26th letting me know what Kiss My Face product you’re most interested in trying. Don’t forget to leave me an email address, and check back after the 26th to see if the Kisses On Trial are yours!

Ecco Bella

Girlies, here’s another fun cosmetics line for you to investigate. Ecco Bella‘s lines of skin care, body care, cosmetics, fragrances, hair care and even room mists are created with you and the planet in mind. All products use as many organic and natural ingredients as possible. In addition, Ecco Bella utterly refuses to test any of their products on animals. Which is nice for the environment as well as the conscience. Many products are preservative- and gluten-free as well as being suitable for vegans. Check out their gorgeous air fresheners made with essential oils, emulsifier and water only instead of tons of icky chemicals. Or their gorgeous FlowerColor Cosmetics made from earth minerals infused with flower waxes – gluten and (mostly) preservative free!

And as if that wasn’t enough, they also have a Health By Chocolate section – a series of products beginning with the finest organic cocoa and cocoa butter, a healthy fat that does not raise cholesterol levels. To that they add proprietary blends of powerful antioxidants, herbs, vitamins and minerals to create exciting flavors of ‘health by chocolate’. Go ahead – resist that!

Wondering where to find Ecco Bella products? You can shop online, or check out their nifty Store Finder which will tell you the closest place to check them out.

Giveaway Tuesday: TBag & Co. Gourmet Market Totes

And the lucky recipient is Terra who said …I love the Merlot pattern. Congratulations!

Hey ecochicks, remember these awesome Gourmet Market Totes made by TBag and Company? Gourmet Market Tote- Pretty in Pink Well, the lovely ladies at TBag and Company were so chuffed to see their bags on ecochick, they offered up a bunch of bags for giveaways. Aren’t they sweet?

These bags are even more gorgeous in person than they are in a photo, if you can believe that. The Gourmet Market Totes come with three bags made of lovely sturdy canvas in stylish colours and patterns. Roomily sized with thick straps to carry by hand or to sling on your shoulder. And this gorgeous set of three Gourmet Market Totes in Pretty in Pink can be yours! Just leave a comment on this post by Wednesday, November 19 telling me your favourite bag by TBag and Company. Don’t forget to leave me an email address so that I can contact you!

Can’t wait for the giveaway? No worries, sunshine – you can order up some for yourself or for Chrissy Pressies. Have fun!

Toggery Collection: Flattering ecofriendly fashion

In the eco-fashion world, new designers who are blending fashion with sustainability are becoming more and more mainstream – and that’s amazing. One such designer is Kate d’Arcy who has created Toggery, a collection of essential fashion pieces made from organic fabrics. Based in New York City, d’Arcy fashions beautiful, touchable garments that flow and carry beautifully and are also sustainable. These pieces appeal to the ecofashionista and the plain old fashionista alike.

Kate d’Arcy creates lines for every season, with the Fall 08 and Holiday 08 lines featuring pretty, rich jewel tones, flowing fabrics and flattering cuts, and the Spring 09 Collection featuring natural tones and pale pastels on light garments filled with movement.

Toggery togs are available at select stores across Canada.

Giveaway Tuesday: Pure Anada Cosmetics!

And the winner of the Pure Anada giveaway is Hit Pay Dirt who said…

I’ve been wanting to switch to a mineral foundation for awhile. I’d love to try out Anada!

Congrats and contact me ASAP at talk at ecochick dot ca!

A few weeks ago, I got a lovely package in the mail from Pure Anada Natural Mineral Cosmetics. Good cosmetics are the one thing that’s hard to find in the eco-friendly world, so I eagerly accepted their offer to try out their samples. They talked a good game: Pure Anada Mineral Cosmetics, they say, is makeup in its most natural form. Made of simple, natural ingredients, Pure Anada provides you with all the coverage and color without the chemicals, synthetics, and dyes. After reading that, I couldn’t wait to see what would arrive.

And oh boy, did they come through. A lovely bag of cosmetics arrived at my door in tons of delicious colours. Knowing that I wanted to try some and give the rest away, I made my selections carefully, keeping a Natural Liquid Gloss for Lips in Morden’s Blush and two Luminous Mineral Colours for Eyes in Cafe Latte and Storm for myself.

I chose well.

While it took my morning-addled brain a few minutes to figure out how exactly to get in to the Luminous Mineral Colour pots (and I’m still not sure I did it right!) the effort was worth it. The powder is fluffy in the container, but goes on extremely well – smoothly but doesn’t go blotchy like some powders can (a good brush helps with this) and lasts all day. They aren’t kidding when they say luminous, either – this stuff is sparkly! I loved it and got several compliments on it, and due to the fact that I like getting compliments, it’s now made it into the regular makeup rotation.

How about the Natural Liquid Gloss? This is an excellent choice for someone who enjoys bold lip colour. The gloss is surprisingly densely coloured (If you think of the level of colour in say, a MAC LipGlass, this colour is much richer). As a result, I found I didn’t apply it very thickly as I prefer a pale lip. The hint of Tangerine gave it a bright, fresh scent which was quite energizing to wear right under my nose. The gloss also doesn’t have the stickiness common to many lip glosses, so right there it gets my vote. All in all, my experience with using Pure Anada was very pleasing – you should see where you can purchase it and try it out for yourself.

What’s that, you say? You want some freebies too? Oh, all right my pretties. Just comment on this post by Wednesday, November 12 and tell me what Pure Anada product you would love to try out and why. Drawing will be made by and the answer posted here after the 12th. Please make sure I have a way of contacting you – either your blogger profile or an email address! And here’s what the winner will receive: Velvet Matte Mineral Powder in Grey Flannel and Graphite, Luminous Mineral Powder – Deep Bronzer and Autumn, Natural Lipstick in Sugar Plum, and Tropical Lip Cream with Sun Protection. I can hear you squeeeing from here! Enjoy the giveaway, and good luck!

PositiviTee: Wear your Heart on your T-Shirt

An ecochick prediction: When you find these t-shirts, you will buy one for everyone on your Christmas list. Then when they get them, they will beg you to tell them where you found them. They’re that good.

PositiviTee makes gorgeous, 100% organic cotton tees which seize upon the power of communication between perfect strangers. Each tee sends a message with its artwork, artwork that represents something important that you can do to help another human being, another living creature, or help the planet.

What’s really amazing is that a portion of the selling price from each t-shirt goes to charity, depending on the specific cause the tee supports. For example, the Save Chimps tee gives to the Jane Goodall Institute. The Micro-loans for Women tee gives to the Grameen Foundation. And on and on it goes.

Even if you don’t need any t-shirts, the website is worth a browse simply to learn about the issues and causes that PositiviTees supports. Mind you, once you start browsing, you might buy anyway. Enjoy!

Home Depot Holiday Light Exchange – Nov 1 and 2 only!

Two days only, November 1 and 2, you can bring in your old incandescent holiday lights to Home Depot and receive a coupon for 50% off the purchase of a new string of energy-efficient LED lights. Awesome!

Seasonal LED lights use 95% less energy than traditional incandescent lights and will last 7 years longer, so it’s a fantastic investment. Home Depot will recycle the old lights and give you up to 5 coupons for 50% off new LED lights. Nice! Check it out, this weekend only.