Ottawa Feast of Fields 2008

On Sunday, September 14, 2008 the Ottawa Feast of Fields will be held from 12-4 p.m. Organized by the Canadian Organic Growers – Ottawa Chapter, Feast of Fields provides a unique opportunity to sample local, organic food, the best of our fall harvest, prepared by Chefs from over 25 top restaurants in Ottawa, Gatineau and region.

The event brings together farmers who embrace local and organic production methods with chefs who support a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Every year, the event grows in creativity! In 2007, approximately 900 hundred people from the community enjoyed an exquisite culinary feast under the trees of Vincent Massey Park.

Food is served from 12-2 pm, with Field Marshal Adrian Harewood, host of CBC Radio’s All in a Day. There’s an Afro-Cuban Rhumba Dance Party with Mango Upstart and Food and Wine pairings from Savvy Grapes.

Want more information, or are you interested in volunteering? Get more information on their website.

Eco Fashion World: Eco Eye Candy

Now this is a slick website. Much like ecochick, Eco Fashion World’s purpose is to present eco-friendly alternatives to the world at large. Founded and written by ecofashionistas on three continents (but based in Canada!), Eco Fashion World brings you the new, the hip, the trendy and the green. On the lookout for eco evening wear? Or perhaps an eco bathing suit or handbag? Find them all here.

With a guide to brands, online stores, an Eco-Fashion Finder and an ability to browse by eco-criteria – so if, say, vegan products are your bag, you can search exclusively on that. Nice!

There’s a monthly newsletter and daily postings, so check back often for the latest and the greatest. And a great big eco welcome to Eco Fashion World!

Blue Barnhouse: Greetings with Shazam!

I like it when eco-vendors let me know about themselves (and you can too, just email me at talk at ecochick dot ca!) I especially like it when they let me know about themselves on days when I’m really tired and jet lagged. And I especially especially like it when they let me know about themselves and they’re as fun and cool as Blue Barnhouse.

Gorgeous handpressed cards, printed on 100% recycled cardstock on an antique press, with illustrations salvaged from old childhood favourite books such as Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. Oh, so pretty and dainty. Except they are so, so awesomely.. not. I must have laughed out loud 20 times while browsing this website – they’re that good. Politically incorrect, sprinkled liberally with splendidly foul language, these cards provide a daintily messy commentary on life for our cynical age. I am sure that every one of us can find a friend for whom these cards would be completely perfect. And let’s just say I’ve found my Christmas Cards early this year.

They do ship to Canada, and plenty of vendors carry the cards … keep your eye out. These splendid cards are not to be missed.

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