Vert Tendre

From Quebec: Vert Tendre greeting cards. If you’re looking for eco-responsible greeting cards, here’s the place!

They create cards out of 100% recycled materials which are processed without chlorine, acid-free, and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC*). In addition, each year, they give part of their proceeds to a local good cause – this year it’s Quebec Transplant, who coordinates all organ donation activities in the province of Quebec.

Finally, they reach out to local artists to provide the art, giving the cards a flavour and feel unique to Quebec, as well as providing local artists with more visibility and publicity. You can find out more about being an artist here.

You can purchase their cards online. They will also work with corporations to create bulk mailing cards for Christmas or other events, which will both be ecofriendly and completely unique. Nice!

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