Kootsac Re-usable Produce Bags

Rounding out Etsy week here at ecochick: So, I know you’ve been working hard at accumulating some great, robust shopping bags to take with you to the grocery store or wherever else it is you might shop. But then, you get in to the grocery store and go to pick up some fresh green beans, or perhaps some new baby potatoes, and you end up needing to grab a plastic produce bag. Foiled!

Well, not anymore. Kootsac has got you covered. With a range of lightweight, sturdy bags that are suitable for all kinds of food, you’ll never need plastic again.

She’s got nice big produce bags, bulk food bags in all sizes for things like flour or nuts or whatever else you may buy in bulk, and big tote bags to help you carry it all away. The bags are reasonably priced and uber-useful – check them out!

Swept from the Sea

I’ve already featured SeaGlass Designs on ecochick (and bought something from them – love!) so I thought it only fair to feature a different sea glass jewelry shop during Etsy week. After all, it can’t hurt to check out both!

This time, it’s Vancouver’s Swept From The Sea. Making gorgeous creations with beach glass is their thing. All glass (and other stuff such as pottery as shown at right) is collected from British Columbia beaches and refashioned into something beautiful for you. This is my favourite kind of eco: taking something that’s otherwise discarded and turning it into something amazing. Check out their oh-so-pretty necklaces and pendants, tie tacks for men and plenty more.

She even sells sea glass supplies – pieces that have been pre-drilled for uses such as pendants or buttons that you can incorporate into your own handiwork.

Pretty, one of a kind pieces Swept from the Sea – what more could you ask?

Tangente Eco Friendly Fashion

Next in Etsy Week: Ottawa’s Tangente. Sewing’s a hobby for this adorable shop owner, who picked up her sewing machine to fill some long hours and came out with amazing creations. This great shop takes vintage finds scoured from local secondhand shops and turns them into whimsical, fun garments such as the awesome summer top pictured at right, made from a vintage silk scarf. There are tons of scarf tops, halter tops with vintage scarves at the neck, funky skirts made from an assortment of vintage items, gorgeous dresses and other creations.

I found this shop and couldn’t resist buying one of the scarf tops (sssh!) and I just love it. You will love it too. Check it out at Tangente.

Bazant’s Unique Adornments

And from Toronto: Bazant’s Unique Adornments.

Using recycled vintage jewelry pieces, fair trade beads and hand-worked silver, Bazant creates gorgeous, one of a kind pieces that definitely get noticed, using beads and jewelry lovingly collected around the world. She has plenty of different kinds of pieces, with her signature piece being the One of a Kind Sets. There’s the Valentine, shown here; the chic black and white Secret Garden, the pretty, retro-feel Beloved, rich Treasure and more.

She makes necklaces, earrings, bracelets – jewelry to suit any taste. Find her on Etsy at Bazant’s Unique Adornments.

Tanis Alexis eco-conscious art

First shop in our Etsy week: Vancouver’s Tanis Alexis eco-Conscious Art. These lovely creations are whimsical and unique, in a range of sizes to perfectly fit that blank piece of wall you’re looking to fill. With pretty, pale pastel colours and thoughtful, endearing characters, these pieces would be gorgeous in a bedroom, child’s room or wherever you need a little bubble of happiness.

Original pieces are made from non-toxic materials including water-based pigments, rice clue and recycled paper, pasted onto a salvaged piece of wood. In her own words: I have no qualms about diving into a dumpster to save useable pieces of scrap wood to use as the base for my art. I hope the efforts have an impact on how you might re-use materials meant for the dump. Now that’s eco!

There are also plenty of beautiful photos and prints of original artwork, all printed by On Your Marks Prints, who specialize in high quality, no waste print technology, no chemical inks and all images printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers.

You can see the entire collection at Tanis Alexis eco-Conscious Art. Enjoy!

Etsy Week on ecochick!

This week on ecochick, we’ll be featuring all kinds of great Etsy shops. Not familiar with Etsy? It’s your go-to place for all things handmade, from clothing to jewelry to art to.. pretty much anything. ecochick believes in buying handmade no matter what… supporting small businesses that create unique, non-mass produced items that help each individual find their own style rather than depend on the latest fashions is better for everyone! In addition, the simple fact that they aren’t mass produced means that their overall footprint is less.

I’ve looked through Etsy and found my favourite eco-friendly shops from Canada and will be posting a different one every day this week. Enjoy – and if you have any suggestions for eco-friendly Canadian Etsy shops, please let me know!

Lily ecolo

Every time I find a shop like LilyEcolo I weep a little bit with joy. And then I check my credit card balance to see if I can afford whatever it is I’ve found.

LilyEcolo is a small Quebec business where she creates beautiful, trendy, sturdy reusable bags in various sizes for all your daily needs. The uber-practical shown here is big enough for a great grocery shop, while the nifty Mini works for running around or even carrying your lunch. There’s even a Baguette holder – what a fantastic idea! – for those times when you’re at the bakery and don’t want to take an unneccessary plastic or paper bag. They come in a selection of gorgeous fabrics that will make you want to carry these bags everywhere you go.

Right now you can order these bags by phone or email only – online shopping is coming shortly. The fact that it is not available yet is only a good thing for my credit card.

Vert Tendre

From Quebec: Vert Tendre greeting cards. If you’re looking for eco-responsible greeting cards, here’s the place!

They create cards out of 100% recycled materials which are processed without chlorine, acid-free, and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC*). In addition, each year, they give part of their proceeds to a local good cause – this year it’s Quebec Transplant, who coordinates all organ donation activities in the province of Quebec.

Finally, they reach out to local artists to provide the art, giving the cards a flavour and feel unique to Quebec, as well as providing local artists with more visibility and publicity. You can find out more about being an artist here.

You can purchase their cards online. They will also work with corporations to create bulk mailing cards for Christmas or other events, which will both be ecofriendly and completely unique. Nice!

Inhabitat Back to School Contest

The folks over at Inhabitat are running an awesome back to school contest! The grand prize? An awesome Noon Solar Tote Bag that absorbs the power of the sun and can recharge your small electronics as you move! Made from sustainable materials, this bag is an eco-winner.

How to enter? You need to subscribe to the Inhabitat e-Mail Newsletter by Thursday at 11pm EST. The Friday email will contain the instructions on how to enter the contest.

Good luck!

Posch: Pretty reusable bags

Just found: Pretty Posch bags. Based in Quebec, Posch makes handbags and shoulder bags out of recycled linens such as charming patterned bedsheets and old pillow shams. These bags are perfect for shopping, beach, or even an overnight trip. In addition to being made from recycled materials, 2% of profits will be given to Équiterre, an NGO helping citizens understand how to be more earth friendly

Available around the world including lovely shops in Paris, you can get Posch bags easily from their online store! They’re also often found in markets and festivals around Montreal, so if you’re in that area it would be worth exploring. Enjoy!

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