Tashodi: Fair Trade and Totally Stylish Body Products

If you never want to go to a department store again to buy makeup or skin care products, it’s getting to the point where that wish can be granted. Natural shops are cropping up everywhere, with products ranging from body washes to soaps to lip balms to everything in between. Shops like Tashodi.

Tashodi’s creator, Natascha Rey, used her background in Fair Trade practices, Chinese and Homeopathic medicines, Aromatherapy and Reflexology to create a line of products from natural, fair trade ingredients. There’s a range of Pure and Certified Fair Trade Lip & Cheek Tints, pretty Body Bars, SLS-free Foam Washes, Fair Trade Body Scrubs and Pure Bath Soaks in a range of funky scents like “Tea & Lemon” and “Green Coffee” (imagine how good that smells!). You can also get nice gift sets like the one pictured above, which has a whole bunch of sample size Tashodi products all in a portable clutch made from native Canadian Birch (how cool is that?).

Tashodi also creates a Tashodi Bebe line with a Tip To Toe Wash or Bar and a Bebe Organic Massage Bar (neat!) which means you can shop for both you and your kidlet in one spot.

You can see all the products at their website and you can buy everything you want at their Online Store.

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