One Good Chair Design Competition

From Inhabitat: the One Good Chair design competition is on! The one good chair competition is all about rethinking how things are designed, not just what they’re made out of. They’re inviting designers to consider form and function, to think about what will truly make an eco-chair both comfortable and beautiful. Take a fresh eye to the furniture you use every day, and see what you can come up with. They’ll be looking at the following criteria:

  • Make good (Material conservation). How can shape optimize resources in design, fabrication, and shipping? What forms create little waste but lots of taste?
  • Feel good (Physical comfort). How can shape aid the body in the act of sitting? How do different people sit? How might they?
  • Look good (Emotional resonance). What kinds of images create emotional bond between viewer and product? What is the intersection of sustainability and sensuality?

There’s a cash prize of $4500 to the winning entry, and there’s still time to register by May 30.

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