Kai Kids

Oh baby, there are plenty of eco-friendly baby and kid stores popping up out there across Canada. This awesome new trend means it’s making it easier every day for parents to find the products they’re looking for, like babysoy or BornFree. One exciting recent entry to the scene is Toronto’s Kai Kids.

Kai Kids carries a wide range of products from many brands, brands they’ve researched and tested personally to ensure the products are both ethical and great quality. These products are arranged thoughtfully according to what the products are used (Sleep, Bathe, Eat, Wear, Change, Play)- which is super functional, and less frequently seen than sorting according to brand. There’s also an area for Mamas, with funky sustainable maternity clothing and tools for the mama trade like oh-so-glamourous bamboo nursing pads.

There’s an FAQ to help you navigate the various fabrics and terms, and they highlight sale items in the sidebar – oh, the allure of a bargain!

Also, in 2008 they will be donating 1 % of their sales to 1% For The Planet to support two Canadian environmental programs. So spending your funds at KaiKids not only gets you great ecostuff for your family, it helps support great causes.

Excited yet? Check it all out at Kai Kids.

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