Eco-Libris and Raincoast Books are planting trees!

I’m a little late on the uptake for this one, but there’s still a bit of time left! Eco-Libris, the sustainable reading initiative you’ve already seen on ecochick, and Raincoast Books, a Canadian book company based in Vancouver, BC, have a great initiative going through til the end of April. They’ve signed up 80 independent book retailers across Canada who will be selling a wide range of environmentally themed books through April 2008. These books have been pre-offset with Eco-Libris stickers stating that for each book purchased, a tree will be planted in Central America and Africa. There are 4,500 specially stickered books in bookstores across Canada, so 4,500 trees will be planted on behalf of Canadian readers. That’s 12 acres of trees!

It’s a great opportunity to pick up some of those coveted green titles eco-guilt free. So head on over to your local independent bookstore and find some green books with the Eco-Libris sticker today. And remember, you can always purchase tree-planting stickers yourself from the Eco-Libris website.

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